Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Journo scum

In an episode of the sadly underrated "Filthy, Rich and Catflap," Richie is revealed as being suited to a career in tabloid journalism:

Ralph Filthy:   This is no time to mince with words, Eddie. We must be honest. Richie is a lying, cheating, vicious right-wing bastard with the sexual sophistication of a mentally retarded donkey. Which means, you are ideally suited to be...
Richard Rich: [disgusted]   A journalist?
Ralph Filthy:   Yeah.
Richard Rich:   You mean...
[puts on his hat]
Richard Rich:   join the scum?
Edward Catflap:   Become a journo?
Ralph Filthy:   Yes.
Edward Catflap:   What shall we do for an encore, Filthy, set fire to a hospital?

I was reminded of it by this story in this morning's New Zealand Herald, which, appropriately enough, is a tabloid:  Revealed: Slater's messages with a former prostitute.  The story names the woman and spills enough dirt on her to put her in significant danger.  Natch, it does nothing but tease a bit about the customers involved:  a "senior lawyer," a "top businessman" etc.  Which means damn near every senior lawyer or top businessman in the country just developed a strong interest in seeing to it that this woman gets a clear message.  Newsworthiness thereof 0, sleaze value 100.

You can tell the quality of a newspaper (more accurately, the distinct lack of it) in how quickly it can shift from "These leaks are a moral outrage!" to "Yo, watch me use the leaks to fuck up this hooker."  The Herald appears to be lightning fast in this respect.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, for once I entirely agree with you. The Horton family must watch with horror as their once proud and reputable paper turns into a slease rag.

Geoff said...

Slease rag indeed ! Both my Dad & Grandfather were at the time of their respective deaths, employed by Wilson & Horton.It was then an excellent paper.
Murphy rang me personally when I cancelled my subscription 3 years ago over the Ambrose ambush...unethical.We did not part as friends on the phone.
It has only got worse!! Never buy it unless you need something to light kindling !

Angry Tory said...

Don't you get it? Whaleoil essential is the media in NZ. All of it.

Cam wins!