Thursday, August 21, 2014

IT was Murder Not an execution FFS.

OK  I have breathed through my nose for days,  tonight, I am sorry, but that is enough of just getting angry.

No I have not watched the cold blooded killing of American Journalist James Foley and will assert it was absolutely nothing to do with execution in any form of accepted judicial comprehension.

I understand that to hold a job today in journalism there are parameters around how matters are reported on Islamic activity.
Being the religion of peace they get special consideration so whereas a religious nutter in say Northern Ireland might go on a murderous rampage in the aftermath of an Orange March and kill a Catholic who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time it wont be described as Execution.
However if a warped minded pom should travel to Syria to fight with the Jihadists and under the watchful eye of a video camera hack the head off an American Journalist it could not possibly  be murder it suddenly transforms into an "Execution".

Execution in relation to ending the life of a fellow human refers to state sanctioned judicial killing with due process according to  law.
Slaughter, murder, manslaughter, even death by accident or negligence will be covered in laws and not be executions

This latest killing of a Journalist captured doing his job is never in any way an execution.
I have never heard the term execution used to refer to death in Gaza except in relation to "carrying out", otherwise we get murdered , slaughtered, killed in attacks, collateral deaths, massacre!!!

Is it too much to ask journalists even those who for whatever reason support Islam, Palestine, or any other bunch with a relevance to the followers of the strange dude with an odd attitude to little girls, could describe the killing of Mr Foley as Murder, for that was exactly what it was.
He was in the warzone armed with a camera, a pen and a laptop and was more valuable in the long view if the cause of the Islamists has any merit.

He was captured in November 2012, so he was  waiting for many months with all the accompanying stress and terrible mind torture of knowing nothing of his fate, then butchered like a dog just because he had the wrong passport.

So to the Media Numpties who  understand very little and know even less, James Foley was killed, slaughtered, butchered or murdered take your pick but Executed he was most certainly not.
The poor bastard is still dead and the blood thirsty fucking thugs can rest assured his suffering is mercifully at an end.
His family, friends and colleagues, not so lucky, they will suffer this abomination  for as long as they live.

RIP James Foley.


IHStewart said...

Interestingly I heard the murderous bastard on Nine to Noon this morning threatening Obama. He is clearly not very bright referring to Obama's military attacks in Iraq and Syria it would seem he has forgotten that his organisation has declared that territory to be a new independent nation.

Anonymous said...

Well said G.D.

These islamists look and sound human, but that's where their humanity ends.

They should be exterminated like the cockroaches they are.

Any howls of outrage from Minto and his mob over this, or have I missed it?

Mrs Danvers