Thursday, August 21, 2014

It has Plausible Writ Large.

As the drip drip of the very selective revelations from the smelly but uncomposted bin of illegally obtained emails that Hagar presented with such well orchestrated effect and now has the coalition from hell sensing a successful battle against #Team Key, more of us want to know who is the Puppet Master as unpublished raw data is released.

Number one suspect who fits motive, opportunity and ability functions, is the fat fuck from Coatsville with substantial assistance of sycophants and the stupid inept both owned and bought and the desperate useful idiots.
Not necessarily the mastermind but it could be within TFF's  sphere to "get the fix in", to totally subvert our fragile democracy.

Towards the end of his AM show Shaun Plunket explored some lines as to who could be behind what has been a quite well executed battle plan, with Chris O'Connell of  TUANZ and although they did not name a prime suspect, O'Connell put a bunch of very scary nerds in the frame.

About a decade ago many in and around the internet began to suspect a bunch of super hackers going under the name of "Anonymous" who have variously been called; 'internet terrorists', 'internet anarchists', 'internet freedom fighters' who with increasing notorious activities led "Time Magazine" to include the nefarious bunch in their list of "100 most influential in the world".
Some of the actions attributed to the "Anons" make for very scary reading as to their reach and the apparent failure of the Law and Authority to combat them

To be successful as a "hacker" one of the basics is to stay hidden as exposure leads to serious legals and total loss of face and prestige.
Such outcomes, in O'Connell's opinion removed TFF of Coatsville as a member of Anonymous but did concede he would be well placed to purchase the material Hagar and Whaledump have used.

The more one discovers about the exploits, proved and suspected to have been perpetrated by the very loose but very effective group going by the umbrella name of Anonymous, the firmer the belief that the term "Internet Al Queda" is not a big stretch as a descriptive.

Whoever is the source of the stream of criminal activity that is being used in the attempt to corrupt our democracy, so shamelessly being enjoyed and celebrated by the opponents of #Team Key, it will matter little if they are successful as it will have a devastating effect on any remnant  shreds of  the increasingly eroded myth of freedom of speech and expression.
The concerted efforts of H1 and her sycophants with the Electoral Finance Act and related attempts to diminish rights to promote political views at variance to those of the government, were but  a warning,  this latest manifestation is even scarier and much more  insidious.
Collins dropping a name to a blogger will be but very minor if all contact between those who hold the secrets and those who wish to disseminate such info by way of leak and hint will be a distant memory and those who would rule us will be emboldened and empowered while we  the peasants will be the losers.

First they came for the leakers and I did nothing as I dont leak.
Then they came for the bloggers and I did nothing as I did not blog.
Then they came for the Journalists and I did nothing as I was not a Journo.
Then they came for those polies who opposed them--------------??????????

Whether TFF is involved we may never know but he is with little doubt a potential beneficiary of the current potential cluster fornication.
The best defense is two ticks National and then we can return to where it began and debate the way we used to with salacious gossip between the Polies, the media and the political junkies while the masses or the few at the center of the pendulum decided who would sit on the Speakers Righthand.

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Angry Tory said...

You don't get it: this isn't a normal election.

This feels like 1984 or 1990: an election that will change the country. Because Key (so far) has kept most of Hellen's polices elections haven't really mattered since - well - since 1990 really.

That's at least a whole generation who don't know what's at stake.

The teacher unions have just declared war on the government. Expect the nurses to do the same in a couple of weeks (timed for maximum impact).

Whoever wins NZ will be different afterwards to the way it has been for the last 30 years.

If Key wins - mostly likely in conjunction with the Conservatives - then he will have the mandate and the absolutely necessity to break the teacher and the unions, charter all the schools, fully subsidise private schools, finally get the state out of the business of health provision.

If the left win - we won't be headed to Scandanavia, but to the GDR if we're lucky or to Albania if we're not. In the absolute best case the bureaucracy might force another election in six months to a year's time (I can't see a Fijian/Thai solution in NZ). In the worst case, well, anyone who owns any part of the means of production, distribution and exchange, would best sell up and leave. Now.