Sunday, August 10, 2014

Is "Morons" Being Too Kind?

As reports of significant election hoarding vandalism seen to indicate an increasingly destructive element involved, the question arises, are the perpetrators nomadic gangs of the disaffected or troops going rogue.

I tend to the latter view, and even the most demented of party managers must see the inherent danger of allowing rogue workers to use that volume of anti semetic and Nazi imagry.
Why, well the hydra would have more than enough potential trouble with the already widely disseminated  association with such garbage around the 'Party party'  campaign of Hitcom and Dotler on their 'roadshow'.

One does not have to be anywhere near my vintage to be rather disgusted with such tarnished association even hinted at.
I see some ability of those under thirty to be able to disregard such imagry as ancient history but for the majority of voters the pictures conjured are just too raw.

I note veteran labour political dinosaur Goff has entered the fray with a rather stupid  cop out stating sign vandalism is the bane of all parties but some perps show more flair than others, FFS.


Anonymous said...

I have never known, apart from Minto and his moronic mob, anti-semetic vitriol such as we are witnessing, here in New Zealand.

This rabble would no little if anything about Jewish history, and wouldn't know a Jew if they fell over one.

Mrs Danvers

Angry Tory said...

Yeah There was a time when NZ had a sedition act, and terrorists like Minto, Harawira, etc would have been jailed (recently) or hanged (not so long ago).

Now who repeated the sedition laws?

Oh that's right: ACT, with their friends the Greenies.