Friday, August 29, 2014


I'm breaking ranks in defense of Winston.    There was an approach made and  I am now in a position to confirm the identity of mystery 'snout' spilled the beans.    His name is a Mr Johnnie Walker and he and Winston have enjoyed a serious relationship over many years to the point where Mr Walker is Winston's alter ego and vice versa.

Clearly Winston believes there was an approach in the same way that he truly believes that a Cook Straight ferry bumped into a Russian submarine; that he never received a donation from Owen Glen; that the iconic Huka Hodge had been sold to the Chinese; that he has never been to Coatsville and the list goes on and on.

Winston talks in his cups and the media fawn over him as they like to indulge him as free entertainment.   The reality is that he is a slightly doddery old man, focusing on past imagined glories, and all the while desperate for a headline to prove he is still alive and kicking.

Winston can of course prove me wrong by naming names but he can't and won't because that would put his allegations under a microscope and Winston can't afford that to happen .... some might go as far as to call him a coward for not fronting up but that would be going too far.    Blame his old mate Jonathon Walker, blame anyone, but never call Winston to account .... oooops, I think I just did.


Anonymous said...

"Whisky man's my friend,
He's with me nearly all the time,
He always joins me when I drink and,
We get on just fine!"

The Who 1965

The Veteran said...

I see that the Royal New Zealand Herald has reported that the PM has accepted Judith Collins' assurance that Peters is playing games but with the 'stinger' that, if Peters' claim were proven true, then it was a sackable offense.

Peters has long called for Collins to resign or be sacked. Peter's has the opportunity to make good his want handed to him on a plate.

If he can't put up he is forever branded as a coward and a liar.

gravedodger said...

Once upon a time on a fine Wellington evening, well a little later than evening but I digress, a man of the street dressed in his finest rags courtesy of the City Mission entered The Green Parrot and spied an old face that has seen many state openings and even quite a few more discrete private ones when Scotland's finest is ceremoniously opened and imbibed by aficionados.
The old man shambles up to a table where an ex deputy Prime minister is enjoying the ambiance and fine cuisine of an historic premises that have been open since the roaring twenties and patronised by the aforementioned Rt Honorable since the beginings of last century's forth quarter.

Rather under the influence of cheep liquor he mumbles to the vertically challenged sartorially splendid man with a beaming smile, perfect teeth and a face that sank a thousand ferries.
" do ya rekon you would go with the bloody Nats if me mate Crusher was drivin the ship Winshton".

A legend was born.

The Realist said...

Veteran: welcome back. You have been missed.