Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How Predictable

Hagar has launched yet another book based on stolen e-mails.  This time it is an attack on award winning right wing blogger Cameron Slater.

Needless to say, Adolf won't be buying the book.  Early commentary would appear to indicate the main thrust of the book is the 'revelation'  that Mr Slater has a close relationship with National Part HQ and the PM.

It would have been newsworthy has it revealed he does NOT have such a relationship.  What is noteworthy is the fact Mr Slater has never denied such a relationship.  That is the difference between his blog and those of the left which falsely claim some sort of independence.

I'll be interested to see how events unfold and in particular how Hagar came to get hold of the 'thousands of e-mails' he claims to have.  He has chosen a formidable foe in Slater.

My pick is the book will be worth a further one percent increase in party vote National and a doubling of Whaleoil's already substantial readership.


Snow Angel said...

The massive collusion between Beehive staffers and Slater confirms him as the John Key's personal dirty tricks unit (all while sucking on the taxpayer tit as he's too mentally disturbed to work). You're no doubt relaxed about that, because you're a shameless National Party shill. Normal people will be appalled.

Adrian said...

Not to mention the allegation that Key has been using the SIS to attack his political opponents.

Anonymous said...

I find your comments regarding mental illness Very offensive.Take a good ,long look in the mirror and ask yourself why ???

Snow Angel said...

Why what? Why Key takes advantage of the mentally ill for political gain? Yeah, that's pretty offensive.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Snow Angel

Perhaps you can provide some examples?

Snow Angel said...

Have someone read the book to you.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

So that means you don't have any examples"

Thought so.

Snow Angel said...

He's been directly spoon-feeding dirt to a mentally ill Slater for years, while pretending to be a smiley cool guy who's above all the slime. Pretty disgusting. Still have a man-crush?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Snow angel

Still fulla shit, I see.

Come on, where are your specific examples?

You don't have any, do you?

Front up or yous can join your mates Sludge Holden and Eddie the Con in Siberia.

Psycho Milt said...

Early commentary would appear to indicate the main thrust of the book is the 'revelation' that Mr Slater has a close relationship with National Part HQ and the PM.

Early commentary suggests the main thrust of the book actually is that the Nat leadership has been using Slater to run plausibly-deniable dirty tricks campaigns, possibly involving hacking Labour computers and misusing info obtained from the SIS. Sounds like a cracking good read, and a laugh riot into the bargain - for me, anyway, not so much for National.

At the very least, I expect we'll see a lot less willingness among journos to admit to getting their dirt from Whaleoil, because it will be the same as saying they got it from the PM's office.

Nick K said...

Hager is to journalism what Eddie the eagle was to Ski Jump.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

The claim that Slater is genuinely mentally ill is ludicrous. He just has a huge sense of entitlement, omnipotence and delusions of grandeur.

If the Fidelity Life policy ( and the Sickness Benefit) covered Narcissistic Personality Disorders he may've had a genuine case.

The Realist said...

There's no point in attacking Slater personally. The question is, are the matters he has published in his blog correct or not. As far as Hagar's book title goes "Dirty Politics" should be called simply "Politics"

Paranormal said...

Couldn't agree more Realist. Wow Hager has a massive breaking story - politicians leak.

I would be more impressed if he had covered all bases and had a go at Liarbour and their tax payer funding of the (sub)Standard. Then I'd take the whole story much more seriously.

As for 'Hacking' Liabours computer system, well Slater was pretty open about that one. Liarbour was so piss poor at security they'd left the welcome mat out for anyone to enter and play.

As for Hager himself. His whole book is based on stolen/hacked emails, yet again. Does he not see any hypocrisy in that?

Berend de Boer said...

But you are in the book to Adolf, so I suggest you get a copy for posterity, to show you got a mention next to NZ's Prime Minster!

alwyn said...

But Paranormal when you say
"a massive breaking story - politicians leak." you are stating the impossible, at least about John Key. He is after all the Prime Minister and in the words of the heroine of people like the deluded fools "Snow Angel" and "Adrian" he surely qualifies for the same claim that Helen Clark made.
"By definition I cannot leak" she announced whenever accused of doing so. I presume they will have a massive change of heart and start demanding that she hand back her ONZ and repent?

Barnsley Bill said...

PM, don't be a dick.
Nobody hacked the Labour party systems, website, backend or christmas club.
Those retarded masters of the universe left the door open for everybody and anybody to walk in and have a nose around. And many of us did. They had no security at all, it was simply a matter of clicking through.
Knowing Cam as well as I do I can tell you that just plugging the power cord into his mac makes him sweat. To imagine him as a hacker is to imagine me as hard working and reliable. Clearly nonsense.
So, lets all agree that nobody hacked labour, they just left an entire donors list and credit card details in plain view, as well as documents to outline how to be the sneaky rat fucks that they are now accusing everybody else of being via the useful idiot Hager.

Psycho Milt said...

Fair enough. In my defence, the comment was about what early reports were saying, and early reports did seem to be talking about hacking - wrongly, as it turns out.