Monday, August 18, 2014

Hagar, unbiased Investigative journalist and author, gimmee a break.

In vain attempts to give credibility and relevance to the witterings of hard left muck raker, Hagar, some present his fairytales called "Seeds of Distrust" and  "Secrets and Lies" as evidence of even handed and balance when viewed against "The Hollow Men" and his latest offering for paper in the woolshed long drop dunny.


"Corngate, as it became known was nothing to do with any form of attack on H1, that was an outcome when the Main Man at TV3 used it in a ratings assist ambush assault during an election campaign, not as a direct attack on the NZLP with Hagar's blessing.

The two books Seeds of Distrust and  Secrets and Lies were promotions of Green Party activities entirely fitting his leftard green sympathies.
The Hollow Men and Dirty Politics are total unbalanced, intentional denigration of the right of center contenders for electoral purposes.

Balance my arse, can anyone who has donated to the Hagar charity and promotion fund by buying his GIGO, point to a single passage that gives credence to such a rubbish proposal. Bradbury, Presland and all the other fellow travelers at The Standard and TDB, daily print garbage the equal of anything Slater ever publishes, using the same tactics and systems of leaks, hacking and innuendo from wherever, yet we are to accept when Slater does it it is wrong.  It was widely acknowledged by anyone in media circles that H1 was right up there in maters of salacious gossip that on occasions surfaced and one that comes to mind was the removal of Dover Samuels. Another was the rather unceremonious removal of The Police Commissioner Peter Doone who was not a beat copper candidate and his replacement with Howard Broad who was a little more vulnerable from baggage accumulated in his climb up the ranks.

Seriously who is being a little selective here.


Angry Tory said...

Meanwhile RadionNZ has just declared war on Whaleoil.

Wiliiams: "Lie down with dogs, get fleas"

Hotten: "What the PM is saying is preposterous"

More than any other, this election is about the future of the country. Do we want freedom and Whaleoil, or communism and RadioNZ.

By the end of the year, there can only be one left.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

"they daily print garbage the equal of anything Slater ever publishes"

* Have they ever photoshopped the face of a 15yo Labour Party activist onto a gay porn image?

* Did they chortle publically over the death of Folole Muliaga ? Or whenever lycra clad "road maggots" end up under a truck ?

*Do they refer to people they don't like as "cock smokers"? Or Westcoasters as "feral"?

* Do they regularly rant about "bludgers and fatties?

*Have they ever said "good job" to the victims of the Chch earthquke because they are just Labour-voting "scum"?

Thought not. The fact that you continue to cut this poisionous, spoilt, malingering cretin so much slack says much about you.

Labour bad, National good.
Labour bad, National good.
Labour bad, National good.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the details on Cunliffe having a long affair with mai Chen are going to be leaked from the Whaleoil email files?
Or half the labour caucus leaking to get rid of shearer, and then again half the labour caucus leaking to get rid of Cunliffe
Or fisher taking leaks from cam to win his journalism award a couple of years ago.

Psycho Milt said...

I wonder if the details on Cunliffe having a long affair with mai Chen are going to be leaked from the Whaleoil email files?

Yes, dishing dirt on Cunliffe would certainly demonstrate how it's really the left that's engaging in the dirty politics, right?

Anonymous said...

Have you not wondered why only stuff embarrassing to national is being leaked?
And don't prove yourself stupid by suggesting the left aren't at it as well?

Psycho Milt said...

Well, let's step through it. Imagine you're Nicky Hager - someone's bunged you a shitload of Cameron Slater's messages and you get the urge to write a book about how appalling it is for the government to have been running what's effectively a black ops team, and in particular how appalling it is that this team has devoted itself to digging up dirt on people so it can embarrass them or wreck their careers.

Now suppose, in among all the detail about how the operation worked to dig up dirt and publish it, you find messages suggesting that Cunliffe had a lengthy affair with Mai Chen. Keeping in mind that the very thesis of your book is how appalling it is to dig up dirt on people and publish it, do you think to yourself:

a) "Awesome dirt on Cunliffe here! I'll publish it and he'll be fucked!"


b) "Shit, this isn't already in the public domain. If I put it in my book I'll be the one digging up dirt and publishing it."

My money's on b).

Re leaks from Labour MPs to Whaleoil, I personally would love to see these published, mainly because the ones doing it are pricks who deserve to be embarrassed. It would detract from Hager's book though (irrelevant to his central thesis, so a distraction making the book less coherent), so it should really come from someone else. Whoever hacked the messages in the first place is in a good position to do it...

Anonymous said...

That would not fit the aim of the book though would it?
Two sides of the same dirty coin. I hope this tips the election to Cunliffe. Kiwis deserve a Dotcom beholden regime.

Psycho Milt said...

I'll be surprised if it does tip things Cunliffe's way. We bloggers are very interested in it, and journalists certainly seem well slutted about it, but it's hard to imagine it translating into actual percentage movements in the party vote. Most people will ignore it or take a 'plague, both houses' view of it.

Anonymous said...

Mai Chen and David Cunliffe long affair... It would be interesting to see why this is not published....

Anonymous said...

I hope she wouldn't ruin the hard work the minority group trying to put in because of her affair with Cunliffe.