Sunday, August 31, 2014

Great, successful people choose to holiday here

Not according to the Herald

"They're filthy rich and on their way here"

Apparently making $200K per household by the age of 56 is somehow "filthy".

I would have thought it was something to aspire to.

These are successful people we should be welcoming with open arms as tourists.

I have been giving the Herald the benefit of the doubt lately, but have just read the Herald for the last time. 

If they are so hell bent on becoming a rag then don't expect my patronage.

They seem determined to drag our country down to the lowest common denominator.

If this type of tripe is their answer to dropping circulation then maybe they should revisit their question.


Angry Tory said...

Successful? WTF? - assuming we're talking USD, a couple, so 200K USD pr head- that's a total income of only 500K NZD.

You can barely live well on that in Wellington, and certainly not in Auckland.

James Stephenson said...

Well if we don't want people with a bit of money to spend, and we don't want "Freedom Campers" using the countryside as a toilet, who exactly do we want to come and visit the country?

The Veteran said...

Good question James and with with Wussel and the Gucci Sheila at the helm I guess we will be making a BIG play for Cubans and North Koreans.

Asians don't like studied insults and studied insults and Asia (especially China) are the Greens stock in trade.