Monday, August 11, 2014

Gee Whiz, and thats for openers.

Many voters with a modicum of intelligence can see how welfare has a destructive correlation.

However that intelligence fails to preclude significant numbers from buying into a blatant bribe.

Many voters abhor welfare being paid to those with means to pay for things themselves, an exception being  superannuation being universal and the richer being portrayed as paying the pension and then some back to the state coffers in tax.

Good old Santa Clausliffe resplendent in a hue of background red giving a subtle hint of an Ice cave somewhere in the North opened his swag and dished out a promise of "Free" Drs visits for all aged 65 and over.
Gee thanks Dave, I am not rich by any measure other than the Melon scale and with a few chronic age related conditions my health spend is in a word onerous to the point of awareness, particularly with the pruning of health benefits available from Southern Cross never accessed when we had them and now given up when of possible benefit.

We reach the "rather not be there", fully subsidised  prescription status in the first half of the year and it is appreciated but we would meet that cost by going without somewhere else if it was not available.

This latest bribe and I am being kind by not calling it a corrupt inducement, ie buying my vote with my money and expecting me to be grateful, is in one word "nuts". The one syllable single word famously employed by US General McAuliffe in answer to the Wermacht demand for his surrender at Bastonge that was clarified by the US officer delivering the reply, as "Go to Hell".

You Daft Bugger, it will initially sound great as a sound bite until many of the recipients of such balmy largesse realise they will be paying  and many times over. Along with other Taxpayers realising it WAS THEIR MONEY.
The second glaring negative to such fiscal irresponsibility and innate stupidity is measuring need against uptake. What better way to give a day of mind boring inactivity, impetus, than to pop down to the medical center and while away some time with the already over worked staff with some malady existing only in the declining mind of the patient. A problem already existing and consuming resources in responding in often vain attempts to be controlled by health professionals across all centers from first response to specialist.

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