Sunday, August 3, 2014


It is reported that the Conservatives will today announce that Christine Rankin has been selected to stand in the seat.    TV1 News canvasses the possibility that this will split the 'Right' vote and diminish the hopes of ACT's David Seymour.

Disagree.   Epsom voters are both intelligent and pragmatic ... traits not overly evident in the CCCP.     They know that with ACT, National has a proven and reliable coalition partner.   They also know that the leader of the 'fruit loops' has indicated that he could just as easily do a deal with Labour.

That, coupled with Ms Rankin's 'interesting' life, suggests to me that the only threat posed is the likelihood that the lady will trip over her dangling bangles and do herself a mischief.  

Updated 16.04 .... It is confirmed.   Rankin is standing and yes, Man has landed on the Moon.


Anonymous said...

The real question is are we allowed to have a incestious relationships?

Anonymous said...

Further denigration of honest people who are willing to put their money up and make a change.
The party is not one for loonies and I am tired of people attacking the man not the poliocies.

Psycho Milt said...

Nice example of payback - National shafts the Conservatives by ruling out a deal, so the Conservatives have a go at shafting National's deal with ACT. Seems fair.

Also: if the voters of Epsom genuinely are intelligent, they'll regard ACT as anything other than proven and reliable - it's been a source of bizarre antics for the last two election cycles at least. If I were an Epsom Nat voter I'd be embarrassed at having delivered NZ the various Hide/Garrett/Roy/Brash/Banks fiascos and would want nothing more to do with it.

The Veteran said...

Anon 6.41 .... its not me who questioned whether the moon landings were shot on a film set in wherever.

When he does that people are right to question his 'credentials' to lead a serious Party ... not that I think the CCCP is overly serious.

And when he sez that he could do a deal with Labour that's when he takes himself off the grid as a player on the Right.

Vote Conservative and its a vote for Cunliffe, Norman, the Gucci Sheila, Hone and krim.con

That's the change you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

They know with Act they have had a lapdog coalition partner that abused its members year after year.

Its time for Act to accept competition and see if it can survive on merit. I doubt it can as only National kept Act afloat.

Rankin will find favour with a good many woman in Epsom and David Seymour is young, in many ways immature and too hungry for the limelight. Rankin has the conservative voters interest at heart. I think it will make the difference and Goldsmith will get the nod.

The Veteran said...

Anon10.33 you're dreaming son ... just why would National give the 'nod' to a Party whose leader has opined that he could do a deal with Labour sure beats the hell out of me.

And as for Rankin and her personal life .......