Saturday, August 23, 2014

Doing Its Job For Labour

The Herald, that is.

Here are ALL the headlines this morning from their politics page.  Spot the common theme.

Editorial: 'Crusher' must be put in her place

Minister's staffer took part in blog

Collins grants blogger's request in just 37 minutes

Jones lobbied Govt over Liu's partner

Here's some news for the Herald.

 Crusher is in her lace - around the cabinet table.

All parliamentary staffers read and comment on blogs.

It would be news if the OIA had deliberately been delayed - Phil Goff ring any bells?

Oh dear, anything to smear their traitor Jones who must simply be laughing his arse off as Labour continues to slide in the polls.



Anonymous said...

Enjoying the idea of Crusher in her lace!


Adrian said...

Probably the most amusing aspect of this whole business is national supporters crying foul now that the affair with the msm is finally over. After 6 years they have come to depend on the uncritical support and the sheer bewilderment as it evaporates is a joy to behold.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...
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Bogusnews said...

The media seem to find something to pick on National in their attempt to sabotage them every election. First we had Hagers fantasy novel “the hollow men”, then we had the super snoopers where TV3 taped casual conversations and tried to derail them, then the tea pot tapes and now this.

As with the tea pot tapes they push and push even though the majority of people are not interested. As with “the hollow men” there is absolutely no investigation to see what is really true and what is just conjecture.

Funnily enough, they NEVER do this to Labour or the Greens. They only attack National. I have cancelled advertising I was going to do with the Herald and will never buy their paper again.

Psycho Milt said...

They "never" do this to Labour and the Greens? Hello? The first half of the year involved repeated black ops jobs on Cunliffe that the media ran without a qualm. You're now grumpy that someone lifted the curtain on the black ops jobs? Gee, what a shame...