Sunday, August 24, 2014

Disgusting bribe, oops smart politics

I could write a lengthy post on why National's housing policy is terrible, but it's boring philosophical diatribe, so the simplest way to describe it is this: When Labour bribed students in 2005 it was decried by the Nats as shameless and a disgraceful bribe.  But when National bribes the lower and middle class with my money (because I own a house so can't take advantage of the "subsidy"), it appears to be described as "smart politics".

I don't want to hear anything from my National Party mates when Labour increase the $20,000 subsidy to $40,000 in a few years.  Because I'll throw it back at ya.

And finally, I thought the Muldoon days showed subsidies made the country bankrupt.  Oh well, I guess it'll become someone else's problem in a few years and John Key will be playing golf in Hawaii  by then.  When doing so, he'll likely be shouting "fore", which, funnily enough, is exactly the same word I'm shouting out now.

The problem is, no one's listening or cares.


Psycho Milt said...

To be fair, identifying a significant voter demographic and offering to throw taxpayer cash at them often is "smart politics." In that sense, I suspect the Nats throwing cash at people who'd like to buy a flash house without going through the tedious business of working your way up to one is "smarter" politics than Labour's approach of throwing cash at Winston's supporters, but yeah - "smart" politics doesn't necessarily imply "good," "worthy," "integrity" or similar.

Brick said...

Agree with you totally on this one Milt

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes it is smart politics, without which you'll have Russel Norman for PM and Laila Harre for Immigration Minister.

So fume no more, I say. Be happy with the lesser of two evils.