Friday, August 8, 2014

Control the Language.

No I dont mean swearing, I am talking about the way words, images and spin, condition the sheeple.

Spanish Bride at Slaters has been delving, through a series of posts on the propaganda war,  with reference to current political activity, well worth a read.

My beef this time is of lesser moment yet a glaring example of the pernicious nature of media  manipulation.

Following incidents where children have been mauled by a dog that has the dog labeled a Pit Bull whether or not that is fact or fiction.
 Stuff reports this morning on a dog killed and left pinned by a 'garden implement' in view of a waking child on his home property.

The headline; 'Atrocious' Attack ends Pet Pooch's Life.

I am not condoning the dog killing but when any dog bites a child there is no provocation mentioned,  blame sharing, or intruding on  the dogs space or territory, it is just another, "Pitbull Atacks" and will more than likely be accompanied by yet another call for some breeds to be "Banned".
This was a bloody pitbull, often allegedly roaming the neighborhood unrestrained  and suddenly it is a POOCH!!!

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Edward the Confessor said...

Yeah, I mean when a two year old provokes an unrestrained pitbull by looking at it funny why don't the media ask the hard questions? Actions have consequences. About time those damn toddlers took some personal responsibility. Poor doggy.