Saturday, August 9, 2014

Confidence and rabble rousers

After the election that finally got rid of Helen Clark, saved our country from her warped socialism world view and headed us back down the path of prosperity, I thought that I'd hang my blogging boots up and rest in peace.

How wrong I was.

Back then blogging was still a robust exchange of opinion but done generally with manners, good will and often a sense of humour.

One side argued freedom of choice, personal responsibilities, wealth creation and equal opportunities.

The other side argued  more government, more taxes, more control and equal opportunities by lowering the bar for everyone.

Now 6 years later look where we find ourselves.

The other side have turned nasty and their leadership is in tatters.

We shouldn't be too surprised at this. They had nowhere else to go.

I can perhaps forgive the uneducated  youth being manipulated by these rabble rousers. They probably think they are the cutting edge of some vast revolution that will alter the world as we know it. History is full of examples of these type of people.

They generally grow up.

Human nature dictates that life will only ever repeat past mistakes.

These people will face far greater threats in their life time than an amiable John Key doing his best to keep a South Pacific island afloat.

What I will never forgive is the rabble rousers- the idiots who want to reshape the world into their twisted point of view and habour hidden agendas. Views that were so widely discredited by the end of last century that they have no home in 2014.

These so called leaders can only draw breath by feeding off a lack of confidence. A lack of confidence by those whom have only ever been told that the government knows best.

Thankfully in this country these people are still a minority, which is why the various rabble rousers squabble amongst themselves to win their vote.

The real risk is that the good people of NZ do not take this threat seriously.

The real challenge is that young people have the confidence to really seize the opportunities that this country provides in abundance.

They don't need to have their hands held or raised by idiots.


Paulus said...

Sad part is that with immediate gratification they want to change to a perceived image.
Clark the hated was more subtle.

pdm said...

Excellent Lou.

Nick K said...

Agreed, excellent Lou.