Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Churches and Politics

Kiwiblog has a post about some Christchurch  Anglican and Methodist parishes displaying overt political bill boards.

Some of the comments display breathtaking ignorance.

One in particular lamented that Christians should do more to get involved with politics.

I don’t know what more Christians can do.  To my knowledge Christians in New Zealand have a fine tradition of ‘getting involved' in politics.   A number of eminent politicians have been Christians.  A few I can recall from my own Presbyterian denomination include the late Sir Jack Marshall, Dame Jenny Shipley, Chris Auchinvole and Winnie Laban.  I’m sure there are more.

One of the reasons no overtly Christian political party has ever succeeded is that middle New Zealand abhors the high jacking of their religious convictions for political purposes.  We do not wear our religion on our sleeves and instead we prefer to just quietly get on with the job and let our Christian faith shine through in the way we do that job.

The Christchurch parishes in question have allowed their churches to be highjacked by political activists and as a result those who hold opposing political views will quietly leave.

In the Presbyterian parish of which I was a member for twenty eight years there was an unwritten rule – leave your politics at home.  Thus, I was able to serve on various committees with people of all political persuasions, including a lady who was a far left Marxist and member of the infamous ‘peace movement’ of the seventies and eighties.   In this way the peace, unity and harmony of the parish was preserved, something about which  the fools in Christchurch have no idea.


Anonymous said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...


You really are a dil, aren't you?

Budgieboy said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Yes you are. On that we agree. Now go and get a nom de plume if you wish to comment here.

Marc said...

The average CEO salary in NZ is about $600,000. 200 x $30,000 (minimum wage) is $6,000,000. Someone should remind the churches that lying is a sin.

chris said...


The average CEO pay is an issue for the shareholders and the accountants. Not for the church.

The church should be about the gospel. Now, since I'm reformed, I'd argue that the gospel and teaching on morality should heavily influence the secular power, but the two are separate for very good reasons going back to Archbishops running Duchies and simony during the middle ages.

The liberal left churches, which tend to heresy, put these signs up. In general, such churches are also intolerant of neo reactionaries such as myself.

Most non liberal (theologically) churches prefer to talk about such things with an acknowledgment that there are good things and foul things in all parties, and allow more freedom of conscience.

These congregations are being stupid. And the anti equality rhetoric conflicts with the duty of corporations to maximise shareholder return, which includes having the CE) both paid well and fireable at any time.

UglyTruth said...

Let's not forget the parliamentary prayer, the oath of allegiance, and the religious role of the head of state, all of which are fundamentally incompatible with the secular description of the law of the land.