Monday, August 11, 2014

Billy T or Fred Dagg maybe

From the gob of one with baggage and previous form, at a Campaign Launch not quite so Funny.

The scurrilous, obnoxious, odious old hasbeen from 1975 (the three quarter mark last century) just doesnt get the fact it is 2014 and he is too old to breed and too slow to run. Sort of back paddock if nobody wants to ring the Hunt or put him down and call in a digger.

With the potential around Jamie Whyte as a direct competitor for the votes at the margins .
"Two Wongs do not make a white",  and I saw his lips moving it was not right it was white.
His body language pointedly illustrated even he, with all the callouses and scar tissue, knew full well he was in trouble as he spoke.

Come on Squash Devoid you gave Whyte a shellacking for much less, borrow a pair from Mr c he is sorry he had any, and do your freakin job, a nice little drop shot into the far corner should win the point.

That is a measure of the man for all seasons, a drop kick in the furtherest corner is still too close to the action for an irrelevancy such as an old dwarf with a fondness for Scotch.

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