Thursday, August 7, 2014

Are The Media In A Phoney War Phase?

Today a Brouhaha  has errupted among the mindless, the brainless and the bored shitless in social media over a bunch of young men shooting an eland, a zebra and a couple of boks then posing with the dead game for pictures.
One of the guys Tom Taylor was photographed with blood smears on his face.

So bloody what!!!!

On a "free" day between battles in the Republic during the Super Rugby, a bunch of The Crusaders went game shooting.

Men shoot things, as do increasing numbers of women and youth,  duck numbers are reduced every May by licenced hunters killing them, Deer and pigs are hunted every weekend by those fit enough to do the yards.
I shoot hares, rabbits and possums around my home.

I understand things have gone a bit quiet since Parliament ended and the election is still weeks away but was that "NEWS", or a bloody beatup.

I also understand the animals in the now public images can be hunted, shooting was under the guidance of guides, it was legal, so what was the need for any MSM interest?

Disclaimer, I did not watch the infomercials, the infotainment or whatever now passes for news, Tony Robinson searching a derelict castle ruin for evidence of a massacre during the English civil(?) war was far more interesting.

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Edward the Confessor said...

Yeah, killing random shit with guns is fun, innit? Only poofs, commie eniviro-metrosexuals and terrorist towel-heads would disagree. I'm sure they was just hungry, anyway. Is there any evidence they didn't eat Marty for lunch? None. I hear John Key will introduce big game hunting in New Zealand in his third term. One more reason to vote Nationalz!