Friday, August 15, 2014


With the election just over a month away I have a major voting concern - who to give my Party Vote to. Since the advent of MMP at the 1996 election ACT has always had my Party Vote. This election is different because neither Jamie Whyte or David Seymour appeal as potential parliamentarians. In addition Jamie Whyte is quoted in Hawkes Bay Today a few days ago saying that the party will not stand candidates in the Tukituki or Napier electorates. That suggests that ACT is now only an Auckland party and like Labour does not care about the provinces - that is not acceptable. So what to do with my Party Vote. Labour, the Greens, Winston First and Mana/DotComm are not options. United Future, being a Peter Dunne one man band is also not an option. Colin Craig is a strong disincentive to go with the Conservatives notwithstanding two quality candidates in Garth McVicar and Christine Rankin. It is possible that Garth McVicar could give Stuart Nash a real nudge in Napier as long as Craig keeps his nose out of the campaign. At least they have a candidate in Tukituki with my former dentist Stephen Jenkinson standing again but he has no chance against Craig Foss who despite being a disappointing performer at Cabinet level remains an excellent electorate MP who may well increase his already substantial majority against poor opponents.. That leaves National and the Maori Party and the departure of Sharples and Turia leaves a big hole at the Maori Party. Flavell has little appeal as a leader who will fill the big hole they leave. Therefore by a process of elimination we are down to the `Labour Lite' National party and despite their reluctance to take the hard decisions particularly with regard to Student Loans, WFF, extending the eligibility age for Super and reducing the bureaucracy it is vital that we do not have a change of Government. So for want of a better option and unless commenters can convince me otherwise my Party Vote will be with National for the first time since the advent of MMP. People suggesting that I give my Party Vote to Labour, The Greens, Winston First or Mana/DotComm need not bother.


smttc said...

PDM, it's the right choice. The Nats need every party vote they can get this election as they will in all likelihood only have Dunne and possibly Seymour in support.

I see Peters and Craig cancelling each other out.

Anonymous said...

I say stick with ACT, I'm hearing good things from people in Epsom about Seymour and (obviously unlike you) I have been impressed by Whyte's principles if not his politcal nouse.

I was an ACT vote that left the party last time (to the LibZ) because of the whole Brash/Banks thing and I doubt I'll be the only one returning this time. It won't take many of us to make the difference between the 2011 result and 2 MPs this time around.

pdm said...

Thanks guys.
SMTTC - as a Hastings man what do you think of McVicars chances in Napier?

PM of NZ said...

Be bold. 2 ticks for Colin and co.

The Nats deserve everything coming their way for squandering political capital. NZ needs a good shake up to show the real cost of having a fence sitting socialist government. If the multi-headed Labour/Green hydra gets in, voting Colin or ACT will been wasted anyway.

Nick K said...

Of course I am biased, but if you PV National you get #58 or so on that list (Gilmour & Hauiti etc). But if you PV Act you get the top three or four from their list. You don’t say why you don’t like Seymour & Whyte, but speaking as objectively as I can, they are both bloody outstanding.

smttc said...

@ PDM re McVicar.

I doubt he can take Napier. But he sure throws a spanner in the works as he is likely to draw votes away from both Nash and Walden. I expect Nash to win the seat although not as comfortably as many seem to be assuming.

pdm said...

pm - Colin Craig is a big turn off as far as the Conservatives are concerned. He lacks political nous.

Nick - I will take your word re Whyte and Seymour but I just don't see it at the moment. They have a month to change me but the no candidates in HB electorates is a mark against them. I am pretty sure HB was a good source of Party Votes for ACT in past elections so they are letting past supporters down by not putting up candidates as well as shooting themselves in the foot. Good luck in your campaign.

SMTTC - that is how I see it. The Nats seem to have made a poor choice of candidate and he may well run third.

Paranormal said...

PDM in your position I'd be electorate vote for Garth and PV for Act.

If Garth could win the seat Parliament will be a better place. I can't see him getting in to the big house any other way. If he is the only CCCP member that makes it in, he should still have a lot of support from Act UF and National parties.

You've said it yourself that National are Labour Lite. I don't think there is any doubt Seymour will take Epsom so Act PV's all count. And there's no doubt Acts policies and voice are needed.

pdm said...

para - I am in Tukituki where Craig Foss is a home run so cannot vote for Garth.

workingman said...


ACT have candidates down in Wellington, Hamilton, Clutha, so not only Auckland based.

I see from the ACT website that they still announcing candidates even today, Tauranga was announced today.

Nick K said...

True, I can't figure out why you need an Act candidate in a seat to give your PV to Act in that seat.

pdm said...

Nick - Call me old fashioned if you like but surely you need someone on the ground in electorates doing the spade work to maximise the party vote. I have not sighted an ACT sign in Hastings to date and my work takes me around a lot of Hastings streets.

Even Winston has a Billboard on show.

Is there an ACT electorate committee in Hastings and/or Napier? I think not.