Monday, August 25, 2014

A Voting Conundrum - Part 2

On Saturday afternoon (late) the Labour Candidate for Tukituki, Anna Lorck, held a street corner meeting on the corner of our street. No one turned up so she resorted to door knocking and our neighbour sent her over to us saying that we were from Central Hawkes Bay - her home patch as well as ours. I quickly gave her the message that neither Labour or any other party on the left would be getting our votes. I also raised the following with her - 1. How could she support a leader as stupid and arrogant as David Cunliffe - the man who gifted two safe Labour seats to National by sacking the democratically elected HBDHB some years ago. No real response. 2. How could she and Labour support the Kim Dot Com party given his overseas criminal convictions and impending extradition hearings - she stuttered and stammered and repeated the party line that Labour was not supporting his party and was in no way convincing. She then scuttled back to her street corner. In all a lightweight candidate and a lightweight performance.


smttc said...

pdm, she is an attention seeking loser.

Obviously she thinks attacking Craig Foss is a winning strategy in spite of the "vote positive" message.

I don't think so.

pdm said...

smttc - mrspdm and I know a bit about her from CHB days. I could add to my post but prefer not to go down that track.