Friday, August 22, 2014

A Clear Illustration of Lack of Balance.

plus the massive dangers such biased incompetence will generate.

The saturation coverage of things political, since the warped witterings of Hagar hit the booksellers, by what is euphemistically called media, one month out from an election, is seriously undermining a basic foundation block of our democracy.

Cameron Slater is a political animal, his Dad was and still is at or very close to the party machine that handles the management spheres of National.
He grew up with leading National political figures dominating his formative years.
Now as a very unique, informed person, possessing significant political links to a wide variety of influential people, he has developed the number one political blog in this country with daylight to second, the more apparently acceptable effort of David Farrer.

The media have for nearly two weeks indulged in a campaign to make copy from the very selective data stolen from Slaters computers during or soon after the DDOS attack early this year and published by Green Party Prince of Charlatania going by what I and others consider to be an effeminate diminutive, Nicky.

During this feeding frenzy around a body that seriously refuses to bleed in the water, every single political journo totally refuses to ever investigate any possibility that "They do it too".
Helen Clark once said "I cannot by definition ever leak".

“In response to Parliamentary questions over the Doongate affair, Helen Clark today claimed that it is up to her to decide when she leaks material to the media.
“She is trying to give herself immunity from the conventions of Cabinet collective responsibility, and has signalled that she is prepared to leak confidential information whenever she likes.
“That should be a chilling admission to anyone who disagrees with Helen Clark.  It’s a dangerous precedent and an affront to democracy,”

Working out of the campaign Headquarters of the socialists are a bunch of bloggers who have been and may still be active in The Standard a political blog claiming to be the mouthpiece of the NZLP.
Greg Presland aka 'Micky Savage, lprent the self proclaimed sysop who is in reality Lyn Prentice, Clinton Smith of Hey Clint fame aka Steve Piersen, and Martyn "Bomber " Bradbury now at the other socialist hatespeech center, The Daily Blog, have all at various times published very supportive stuff of the cheerleaders of the red  piranhas,  that has to be based on information that came from the very inner sanctums of the guts of the Labour party. Ex General Secretary prior to Timmy Barnett is a co trustee of The Standard and writes there under his name Mike Smith.

Some of the content that eventuates on The Standard is very unpleasant reading and not for the faint hearted yet the media output in the wake of Hagar's saga would suggest National and Cam Slater not only discovered the dark arts, they are still the only purveyors.

That is bollocks and they know it, they just choose to ignore what might bring balance to their efforts.


Paulus said...

the Standard is worth a look when you feel like a laugh.
It is amusing to see the way they hate each other, and their foul language used.

Psycho Milt said...

...the warped witterings of Hagar...

So you read it, then? Because, otherwise your comments on its quality are kind of superfluous.

...seriously undermining a basic foundation block of our democracy.

I wasn't aware that not revealing dirty tricks by the National Party was a foundation block of our democracy - could you elaborate?

Some of the content that eventuates on The Standard is very unpleasant reading and not for the faint hearted...

Yeah, I keep hearing that from right-wingers outraged that the media revealed dirty tricks by the National Party, but nobody ever points to an actual example. There's a reason why they don't provide any examples, as Danyl points out: " one on the left is publishing the addresses of journalists online in the hope that someone assaults or murders them in revenge for writing about tax-havens, which is what Cathy Odgers, Cameron Slater David Farrar and Matthew Hooton discuss on page 91. Also, no one on the left is going around brothels trying to find out whether journalists have visited them, so they can be blackmailed, which is what Cameron Slater, the Justice Minister’s close friend, and long-term collaborator with the Prime Minister’s office is up to. No one on the left runs smear campaigns against attempted rape victims, or publishes graphic affidavits describing their political enemies having sex."

Brick said...

After a couple of very sensible posts I see you are back to your normal self Milt. I am so glad that you are able to condone profiting from theft, and as the socialist sewers of Standard & Daily Blog are on the left, they must be different. Keep smiling!

Snow Angel said...

Yes, I would like to see the specific examples of nastiness by "leftist" blogs on a par with what Slater and Ede were doing with the direct complicity of the Prime Minister (who today admitted there is no difference between him and his office). Got any links?

Jim Peters said...

If the parties of the left, supposedly full of supremely adroit intellectual activists and highly skilled and paid mercenaries like McCarten and Harre, are are utterly incapable of blowing large numbers of centrist voters away from the current Prime Minister with the dynamite they have been handed on a silver platter, then they are completely unfit to govern the country.

Let's start with a score card of their acheivements here at Incompetent and work down from there.

(Sorry, are score cards a bit too National Standards these days?)

Snow Angel said...

At least Jim admits that the behaviour of the National Party is so repugnant it should result in their defeat at the ballot box. An unusual concession from the hard right, most of whom are outraged their hideous conduct has been exposed, to the extent they're furiously doubling down on it.

Jim Peters said...

Snow Angel,
Sorry to rain on your golden shower of intellectual smugness.
I'm not hard right, not even soft right.

I am something the left fear more than the right.

I am a capitalist.

Snow Angel said...

Sure you are, Jimmy, sure you are. You're also weird. But hey, you'll be voting against the wishes of the Nats too, so good on you, chief.