Friday, July 11, 2014

Yeah Nah continues its Death Plunge.

Mr Cunliffe reaches yet again into the yeah nah bag for disappearing relevance.

Now focused on Canterbury governance and the rebuild.

After carping  for years over the firing of a bunch of nincompoops who after 19 years of pointless "Morris Dancing" around the designated central plank of a water management plan with a spectacular lack of success, Mr C has 'promised' to reinstate elections to replace the very effective, competent and professional Commissioners who incidentally managed to complete the water plan within  their first year in office, with an elected council.
Yeah whatever.

Then unsurprisingly from the other side of his duplicitous gob he proposes to replace CERA with a "Board" of "Prominent" Cantabrians to continue the very complex and unprecedented task of managing the one off recovery of the destroyed City.
Now who will those P C s, be. The other mobs Cathedral savior James Patrick Anderton, Past party secretay general of the Peoples republic ex mayor Gary Moore, About to be handed her ample arse in Port Hills Electorate Ruth Dyson, Cant manage his disappearing hairline the  Claytons MP Cosgrove, all strong candidates, not.
Then there is multiple times rejected ex councilor and current Winston's pet Denis two addresses O'Rorke who will be job seeking when Thumbhead and his hydra prevail.
Toss in a couple of academics with zero practical experience of commercial life to get the theory in balance, a Maori or two(not necessarily from the province) and what could possibly go awry.

Make up your enfeebled mind tosser is it going to be appointed or elected.


David said...

C'mon Dodger, don't hold back, tell us what you really think !!!

Brick said...

The language may well be on the florid side, but the underlying precepts are completely reasonable. Go GD!!