Saturday, July 19, 2014


Was talking to an old (army) acquaintance of mine the other day.   Great Guy, but with one fault ... he's been a vocal Winston First supporter since Adam was a cowboy (anything to keep the bastards honest!!!) and jokes about being an endangered species once 'he' exits Stage left. 

That aside and he floored me by saying that this time round he was contemplating holding his nose and giving National his Party Vote for the simple reason that Winston is refusing to rule out doing a deal that would see a Labour/NZ First/Greens/Mana/Internet Party Government.    He would be happy to see a Labour/Winston First coalition but the Greens in ascendancy scares the hell out of him and adding in Hone's mob is a couple of bridges too far.

He's right in the sense that Winston owes it to the electorate to make it clear what giving their vote to him might mean ... but it won't happen, Winston likes playing games and, were he to declare his hand, he would risk the loss of support from either the deranged or the nearly deranged that go to make up his voting demographic.

So it looks as though 'S' is going to have to hold his nose.

p.s.   With sometime Labour Minister Dover Samuels trumpeting that he's giving Winston First his Party Vote I guess that nets out to zero.    Perhaps though Samuels is just taking the 'piss' out of Cunliffe (as opposed to doing it in hotel corridors)    How many twists and turns to go before polling day?    Better than Fawlty Towers.


gravedodger said...

I guess it is "plain packaging politicians" Vet and with so many of them, Peters to the forefront, images from 25 years ago are so much more likely to attract votes than a current one of the dessicated mumbling shadow of its former glorious self.

Certainly any one who has been even half awake in the last 20 years, "keeping them honest" applies more to the Pin Striped Dwarf than anyone else.

Marc said...

So Dover agrees with Labour and the Greens - no highway improvements for the North. A strange way of showing your support for your local agencies and industries.