Thursday, July 17, 2014

Who is it With a Problem, Really?

Vance is not alone in veiled criticism of the PM for taking a two week holiday with his family for the scheduled school holidays.
 Some who would be more than likely to campaign for extra statutorys, extended annuals and plenty of maternity, leave options, seem to wish to deny the PM similar rights for arguably deserved time out .

Now I can see that the prospect of a refreshed and reinvigorated Key returning to the fray, such a vision would seem daunting but to allude to such garbage as "he should be at the Helm" while totally ignoring the equally obvious absence of The Cunliffe is not only derisory but begs the question as to which of them was in a more advantageous position to take the time out.

It is widely canvassed that The present leader of the opposition might poll better in absentia but if that is the strategy of "The War Room" then it is surely in great need.

As the Veteran pointed out below.

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Rosie said...

Recently on Radio Live, Bernard Hickey made an unveiled reference to John Key holidaying his Hawaiian bolt hole. Hickey was surmising that Key went overseas to benefit from the exchange rate. Key wouldn't need to take that into account.
Oh Bernard Hickey - a commentator should either remain neutral or nail his colours to the mast.