Thursday, July 24, 2014

Well TVOne Is Concentrating On The Big Things.

Petrie and Dallow were clearly on the edge of their seats.

The late News promos feature the one story around Big Gerry as the only bait story.

Corin Dann virtually  wetting himself over Brownlie being completely and utterly stupid, manning up, saying sorry and offering to resign his Transport Portfolio.
Rejected in absolute fashion by the PM.

Meanwhile on "Gilligans Island" Mr c reverses himself on what he KNEW when he met with Clutha Southland candidate for labour Liz Craig and the man who must not be identified for lunch in Qtown one week ago and nothing, zip, nada, zero, completely ignored.

Corrin did you need Brownlie in stocks, resigned from parliament, and totally destroyed while Mr c adopts position number four in 6 days over "what he really did know" about an admitted sex offender, who pleaded guilty to a charge in the Dunedin District Court to a charge of performing an indecent act intended to insult or offend a woman,  so soon after his ridiculous mea culpa on behalf of all males at "rape crisis" and there is no issue??
Brownlie would be close to numero uno through CHC domestic, yes he evaded security, was not wearing a turban, was not carrying a kalashnikov and bypassed security. FFS one of my most used departure points flying domestic in NZ is NPR and had Big Gerry been as described above he could well pass unchallenged there.

The serious story was that Brownlie was able to evade security with apparent ease so why not concentrate on that serious angle with the big guys stupid action as a side story, no it was "a hit opportunity on team blue" and you call yourself a professional journalist, pfft.
Pull the other one Corrie, leaving the red tie off does not mean you have no bias to Team Red, have your pulse, BP and breath rate returned to normal resting numbers yet

The wannabe PM Cunliffe wants the electorate to accept he can perform at the top level, his latest changing story around lunch last Thursday indicates further doubt as to his ability to pass muster, that Mr Corrin Dann was the more important story.
You and your equally supercilious journos assisted with relish, the destruction of Don Brash when he was nowhere near as bumbling and casual around policy positions as Mr c demonstrates daily, do your freakin jobs.
Cripes xxxxNorman was positively statesmanlike when asked for comment.

ps nice feint to kick Mr c in the nuts by Hosking when signing off from Seven Sharp apropos the rejection by team Cunliffe for the TV debates, I guess they would prefer Linda Clarke or Martyn Bradbury, here's hoping TVOne management are staunch.
Hosking summed his role up accurately.

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