Thursday, July 10, 2014


Robbie was a proud yet humble man who walked the walk as a member of 4 Troop NZSAS in Vietnam.    Someone much grander than I said that those who served in Vietnam were the best of the best.   I would go a step further and say that those who served with the SAS in that conflict were the best of the best of the best.   
Got to know him after we escaped from Auckland and moved up north to Paihia.   Robbie loved his music and it was only a few weeks ago when, quite ill, he battled the elements to attend the Paihia Country Music Festival.   That was Robbie.  Go anywhere and everywhere for a gig.

It was an eclectic gathering of the old and bold that made their way to the Kohewhata Marae just outside Kaikohe for Robbie's tangi and funeral.    Last night there were many stories told and songs sung.    Today they came from far and wide, testament to the high regard in which he was held.   The funeral service was conducted by Chaplain Kevin Herewini, a SAS colleague of Robbie and and perhaps the last Vietnam veteran still serving in the NZDF.

Robbie got a great send off as befitting his stature as a loved husband, father, soldier and friend to many ... Moe mai e Robbie, takoto mai i roto i to waka. Ka haria nei koe ki tera taha o te arai.

My condolences to Marie and to Francine, Quentin, Dwayne, Alana and Cyvanya.

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