Thursday, July 31, 2014

Unbelievably Static, So Why The Concern.

For as long as the figure has been published, Mauis Dolphins have been fifty five in Number and as recently as yesterday in the Parliament Ms Fashion Statement reiterated that that is the number remaining, so it must be true.

It seems they are not breeding or dieing so that's it, we are stuck with, Fifty Five  Mauis Dolphins.

I humbly suggest we accept that fact and just get on with everything we can to build this great country and leave the bloody mammals alone.

ps The adorned one is not number fifty six that has escaped the sea, is she, some similarities except Met D is the only one known that has tangled with a bit of jade on a flax string and survived.


Barnsley Bill said...

How did they count them?

gravedodger said...

And when.

Think of a number and multiply by eleven maybe.
Not many other options, oh perhaps use the methodology the idjits use to calculate the numbers involved in one of Screaming Skull's gigs.

Most likely though, find a lost one and keep counting every time it passes by until it gets dark.

Bet a lazy ten to a knob of Goatshit revelation would make it even more improbable.