Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Two basic rules around lies and untruths.

Remember the lies totally as they have hopefully replaced the truth and always make them deniable as to source and substance.

Followers of the Standard and The Daily Blog blunder along with that meme applied to their work but for some inexplicably reasonable explanation Mr c, who has acolytes from both stables in his immediate entourage, has his train wreck is still on the rails and not slowing noticeably
Mr c is a very sorry excuse for a man, a leader, a politician, and would have in his very being most of the qualifications for a "Chinless scarf wearer", just a different model from a different church and accusers.

He planned a few days on a skiing holiday to Qtown with his family, "so what", not what I would have done in any like business situation when making my way in life and  that alone is something that I regret looking back. I was convinced then that my achievements were more important than family on just too many occasions.

Up until then  Mr c had no problems, one week on, his management of that week has generated a virtual "B" train Curtain Sider load of adverse imagery in the media and subsequently in the minds of many more electors.

David had "The Flu", that is the common abbreviation for the influenza virus, a debilitating energy sapping viral invasion of the body that can have a fatal outcome.
The old adage is still very accurate; Treat it with every  known "cure" it will be over in seven days, rest, maintain fluids and it will only last a week.
"Man flu" is just a feminist put down and along with confusion with the milder Headcold, not as debilitating that can't be overcome in a few days, sometimes if luck accompanies 24 hours will do it.
So David was it The Flu or a head cold, everyone understands the difference and If I had had the flu, skiing would not appeal ever. Maybe struggle up a mountain warmly clad and ambulant to support Mum and the kids skiing yes but two days on the slopes at his age after the Flu not very likely.

Meeting the Prominent New Zealander for a lunch on the Thursday when there were very few tech savvy ( and that includes a dumbarse like me) who did not  know exactly who Mr "F" was, at least by the Tuesday of that week. Claiming otherwise about as likely as a 'ba mitzvah' in a Saudi Mosque.
That no-one in Thumbhead's circle could see how it would pan out in the aftermath of his pathetic "sorry" at Rape crisis and/or the ongoing saga around the Malaysian Embassy staffer debacle, indicates either mind boggling incompetence or a fatal arrogant disregard for political reality.

According to reports yesterday, questions were asked when T P NZer asked for the date with Mr c and the Clutha Southland NZLP Candidate,  Liz Craig, so prepping for that meeting with you know who with his suppression matters, the related charges laid and admitted,  previous tribal loyalties and the person in question should have had red (scuse the pun) flags on every post in sight.