Thursday, July 24, 2014


Lets be very clear.   I don't support capital punishment with the caveat the life imprisonment must really mean life imprisonment.   

It's certainly grist to the mill for opponents of capital punishment in the United States when an execution (by lethal injection)  takes almost two hours ... you can read it all here.     The report has it that Joseph Wood apparently gasped more than 600 times before being pronounced dead.

Many more botched attempts (and there have been a number recently) may well mean the pressure for a moratorium on executions will become too much for American legislators to ignore.     

If America is determined to have capital punishment then just why their fixation on 'scientific' ways of killing sure beats me.   What's wrong with the guillotine pray tell?     Cheep and quick and not too much to go wrong.

But others will have differing views.




The Realist said...

Put a bullet in the back of the head. But I don't approve of capital punishment!

smttc said...

Vet, exactly. There are plenty of instantaneous method of killing people (hanging, firing squad, beheading etc). It's the anti cruel and unreasonable punishment lobby that is winning the day at the moment.

Andrei said...

What's wrong with the guillotine pray tell?

It's very messy for those who have to clean up afterwards

Marc said...

All this apparent inefficiency is because the French firm which has the rights to manufacture the barbiturate which was used previously for 'humane' dispatching is now prohibited from supplying it to the USA. This is by directive of the European Human Rights Court who ban capital punishment. So now that US stocks of their drug have run out, they have to use unproven alternatives. So much for Human Rights according to the Europeans - unintended consequences!

Angry Tory said...

The French (or the EU) obviously have the right not to sell pentobarbital to US prisons.

But given there is a constitutional right to own any man-portable weapons in the US constitution (up to Stingers, and my favourite - Davy Crocketts)

there's absolutely non excuse for not shooting the crims.

Frankly, given the vast expense of the police, criminal justice courts & lawyers & legal aid, and the $100,000+ it takes to keep just one crim in jail for one year --- I'd just shoot anyone upon arraignment who cannot deposit a bail equal to the maximum jail time for the charge times an inflation-adjusted cost.

So say for the average 20-year old South Auckland murderer: expected life say 80, 60 years at $100,000, inflation adjusted is about $3,000,000 plus say another $1,000,000 for court costs.

So: deposit only $4,000,000 bail or we shoot you. Problem solved.

Oh and before leftists/lefterarians/civil leftertarians get upset, charities and insurance companies would no doubt put up bail based on their estimates of likely sentences etc. Or do gooders who believe in life imprisonment can pay or it themselves.

Edward the Confessor said...

You guys are so fucking funny, it hurts. You can't pardody the shit you come up with. Nice one, Vet.

Anonymous said...

I can't get exercised over these murderers having a bad time of it shuffling off this mortal coil.

My thoughts are with the victims of these monsters, who no doubt went through far worse.

Mrs Danvers

The Veteran said...

EtC ... angry Tory ain't one of 'ours'.

He's reason #793 not to vote for the CCCP.

gravedodger said...

First up I am anchored firmly in the opposing Capital Punishment camp.

My only observation on this chaotic situation is to remind all that vets are putting animals down every day in clinics throughout the world with injections.
Having witnessed it in person it was peaceful and quick so I am completely bewildered at what exactly is causing the problems.

Just call 0800 veterinary.