Sunday, July 20, 2014

There Is Just Nowhere To Hide.

It is reported the SST has an item about serious discontent over Mr c, his leadership or should that be lack of, highlighted by his departure for a week skiing in Qtown two months from a General Election.

On the border regions of two very Blue seats of Waitaki and Clutha Southland, I would assume very few uncommitted votes around there so the angst and gutted worker bees discontent will be palpable, perhaps not around Frazer House as they are tits just like you.
No, the problem is among the already disillusioned troops who are already struggling to raise the energy and effort to do what you, Mr c,  think unnecessary, get out and do the hard yards.
Clearly The Cunliffe believed implicitly his work was done when he garnered the majority support of his Members and the Union puppet masters when amid a sea of red, under photos of NZLP greats he was not fit to shine the shoes of, clutching a bunch of red roses( they also have thorns you supercilious thick prick) , he claimed the battle and the war.

This is not a Football Friendly Mr c it is for the title and although Blackadder's Crusaders earned a week off Jamie Joseph's mighty Highlanders had their work cut out and they came up short.
Just as you Mr c have taken yet another giant step to achieving.
Poor old Mr c, continuing the Super rugby analogy, The Crusaders won the conference.

In all wars up until the Korean war in the fifties, what was actually happening on the battlefield was a mystery to all even many military commanders and political leaders, due to a combination of censorship and propaganda using slow and chaotic news gathering.
Viet Nam was a seachange in that war came to the lounge via TV, hell Desert Storm and subsequent wars were almost aligned to scheduled news shows.

It is exactly the same for political battles, oh sure propaganda, censorship and manipulation of the media are still very influential if not crucial but one certainty is now front and center.

There is absolutely nowhere to hide.
And in plain sight on the Mountains of the Great Southern Playground, Mr c, an epic fail.
Sheesh, at least your mentor and now hopefully long gone leader H1 when also enjoying the splendor, the invigorating euphoria and the isolation of the mountains, she would never have "gone skiing in Qtown" and never sixty days out from a battle for her political survival.

Is the Messiah thick, stupid or just plain old arrogant with a spoonful of Narcissism for flavor, whatever, the proof will be in the pudding and it is looking increasingly cold, glutinous, mouldy and unpalatable to more and more diners as, each day passes.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

According to the latest digipol Cunliffe is in free-fail.

gravedodger said...

Is he wearing a parachute, it could be critical.

Psycho Milt said...

Remind us where the PM is right now, Gravedodger? I forget..

The Veteran said...

PM ... yeah but with the added luxury of not having his caucus firing up the BBQs while quaffing bad chardonnay.

gravedodger said...

At his shitty little do-up on some god forsaken rock in the pacific threatened with inundation.
Oh hang on he might be paddling his own canoe back for tomorrows Cabinet meeting.

Difference being Key has the financial and political capital to indulge himself, probably at less cost to Jo and Josephine taxpayer to boot.

Have you been to Qtown lately Milt at the height of the winter season, a tent site is horrendous and I bet a lazy hundy Mr c didnt camp in a tent at Speargrass Flat.

Anonymous said...

"Is the Messiah thick, stupid or just plain old arrogant with a spoonful of Narcissism for flavor."

All of the above.

Psycho Milt said...

Difference being Key has the financial and political capital to indulge himself...

Hilarious. Mr Has-a-need-for-multiple-holiday-homes was telling his party conference only a couple of weeks ago that their big enemy is complacency, so they need to recognise the threat and get out there to work for an electoral victory. Having sternly admonished them to buckle down and get to work, he buggers off to Hawaii for a nice vacation.

Of course, anyone who reads Dilbert is familiar with this CEO-style "leadership." Fortunately for Key, there's no end of suckers out there who can imagine themselves one day being the prick who has everyone working for his benefit while modelling behaviour that contradicts his advice.

Doesn't make a good story for the papes the way Mallard stabbing his party in the back does, mind.