Sunday, July 6, 2014


that Crown Law is considering taking an appeal against Judge Cunningham's decision to grant the second son of the Maori King a conditional discharge without conviction on a range of charges including burglary and drink driving.   You can read it here (thanks to Whaleoil).

Her decision to accept Paki's lawyer's submissions that a conviction would mean that he would forfeit any right to the 'ersatz' throne has, quite rightly, received across the board criticism from around the country.

The 'good' Judge does of course have previous form.    Her sentence of  home detention to Darren Fidow for the brutal bashing and robbery of an 82 YO was, last year, overturned by the Court of Appeal as totally inappropriate.     Then there was the case of an unnamed comedian who the Judge discharged without conviction on a charge of molesting his four YO daughter.   The man said he was drunk and couldn't remember anything.

If her decision in the Paki case is overturned that makes it two strikes against her.   Just a pity the judiciary isn't subject to the three strikes and you're in (or out) as the case may be.  Perhaps they should be.



Carlos said...

Paki's Lawyer's argument that the "conviction" would debar Paki from being considered for succession seems to suggest that the criminal behaviour would not debar him.
Just why Tuku Morgan sees this as a victory for Maori is beyond me.
Discharge Paki without conviction if the facts warrant such a decision by all means, but granting a tribal licence to offend with impunity holds our Justice system up to ridicule.

The Realist said...

The currentv "king" was a car wrecker and scap metal dealer before "ascending the throne"
One can only guess how many stolen hot water cylinders and copper guttering went through his "business". Maoris are just inveterate thieves and useless hunter-gatherers from way back. With Tainui, the lunitics are running the asylum, but the inmates are as bad as the rulers.

Watcher said...

You happy with the Realist wide brush comment Vet?

The Veteran said...

Watcher ... the Realist is entitled to his views as you are to yours.

This latest brouhaha concerning an ersatz King and his wayward offspring has done nothing to advance race relations in NZL.

All power to Crown Law if an appeal goes ahead.

Watcher said...

"Maoris are just inveterate thieves"

That include all those who protected your back all those years ago?

Carlos said...

I understood that Paki had been doing some "community service" hours prior to his discharge without conviction. It wasn't clear whether this was Court ordered from the earlier offences (which were not revealed at the time) or whether this arose from a "Marae Justice" initiative. Paki does not look like the sort of person who would benefit from incarceration. His offending was more at the "yahoo" end of the scale. His subsequent Sieg Heil comments on Facebook are more likely a sign of immaturity than visciousness, nothing that a quiet word from an ex-Maori Battalion veteran could not sort out. Keeping Paki, or similar offenders, out of prison is worthwhile. Mentoring by (younger) elders should have started earlier, but is surely a preferable influence to the influences he would be subjected to in prison by hardened criminals. One day soon he will be a better citizen. I don't believe prison ever makes better citizens. The day Tuku Morgan can demonstrate that tribal influence keeps young Maori on the straight an narrow, rather than smoke-screening a liberal Judge, is the day he can claim a victory for Maori. If that day comes, I will be applauding. Until then Tainui has a lot of work to do.

The Veteran said...

Watcher ... be VERY careful attributing to me something I didn't say and would never say least you end up taking a permanent holiday from commenting on my blog.

Noel said...

Never said you did. You allow it to remain on your blog. I've no trouble with him claiming that the someone in Tainui was a repository for stolen hot water heaters because that person can take action.
But degrading a race and allowing it to stand on your blog really shows something.
Bet yah don't post this.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... I don't do censorship. That seems to be the prerogative of 'The Standard' et al.

But I do take exception to you trying to label me a racist just because I don't censor comments.

If you want to remain a commentator then I suggest you reflect on your post.

People stand or fall by their comments and the Realist is quite capable of defending himself.

The Realist said...

Watcher: I'm sorry, but to be clear there is no way I would suggest the King himself would knowingly be involved with stolen goods. Hot water cylinders and copper guttering are jocular clich├ęs in the industry.