Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Best Laid Plans

The news of late that David Conliffe will not stand down as leader in the event of a loss in September is intriguing.  It is suggested that as long as he gets Labour's party vote up to 30% he'll be able to claim a victory of sorts.  When the inevitable leadership spill comes he'll throw his hat back into the ring and win with the support of the unions.

So where does this leave the pretender?  High and dry, by the look of it.  He'll get the poofter vote and that's about it.

Grant Robertson has been by far and away the most disloyal, scheming and self centred deputy leader of any party Adolf has seen for some time.  He quietly undermined Goff and Shearer and has done the same thing to Cunlife.  The only parallel is Australia's Turnbull (not deputy) and his machinations against Tony Abbott.

It will give Adolf immense satisfaction to watch this fat little termite slowly exterminated.

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