Friday, July 18, 2014

That Really is the News.

Joelle Dalley from Fairfax gives readers some meat on the bones on the carcass of the "tourist".

And it explains many of the unanswered questions I feared would remain hidden from sight until the Coronial inquiry.

Sadly though it makes Judicial Disaster Saunders, the very same judge who thought "prominent New Zealanders" should be treated more leniently than your average Joe Lothario increasingly "Dud". It appears his extremely flexible attitude to one justice standard for all, applies to some visiting businessmen as well.

The previously described "tourist" is actually,
Johannes Jacobus Appelman a "big player" in the Netherlands' flower bulb industry.
Apparently this scroat who took out a wife, a daughter, her friend and put the father in ICU has lost money in his business while awaiting his case to come up in our courts, while on bail living with a business mate at West Melton west of Christchurch, the poor wee lamb.

Saunders has given him a monetary "blood money reparation sentence" and a totally irrelevant suspension of his licence to drive in NZ with an equally impotent order to sit for a NZ licence "should he require to drive here" on a subsequent trip.
Jesus also wept Saunders, do you have a regular dinner date with the equally suspect Judge Phillipa Cunningham, if so you should both have a cup of cement for an aperitif and maybe include Judge Tony Adeane as a mentor.

To recap, this driving disaster arrived at CHC for Queens Birthday weekend, hired a vehicle then promptly drove it off SH1 into a ditch within a short distance of CHC, retired shaken, had a kip, then hired another vehicle from a different hire company and commenced a business trip in central Canterbury, was clocked speeding at Burnham South of the City then later ploughed into the passenger door of a vehicle taking a family and the child's friend to Lake Ohau, traveling on the longest secondary straight road in the country that runs from Rakaia on SH1 to the Ashburton River near Staveley running a "COMPULSORY STOP SIGN" at an estimated 100kph from Sommerset Rd.
OK Thompson's Track has now had a chicane set up where the Ashburton/Methven road intersects, otherwise it is straight for some 50kms.
The ghastley destructive action, Mr Dutch bulb trader perpetrated needed jailtime to set a standard in stone that such actions "are not OK", at the very least it was 'Manslaughter' x 3.

As a signatory to an international convention on international driving rights, anyone with a current valid licence to drive in their country can arrive here, hire a vehicle and take off, clearly this bulb trader was not quite up for it and a bunch of grieving people are asked to accept that Mr Bulb trader can just pay some reparations, lose a bit of his business capital and fly on out.
That Judge Saunders is not quite how many think the system works, you show a need for a bit of retraining in judgemanship.

Big ups to Joelle Dalley well done you and a thankyou from citizen Dodger on behalf of many others, I am certain.
Big thumbs down to another appalling decision from the prominent New Zealanders and now visiting bulb traders best mate, Judge Saunders.


The Veteran said...

Well said.

Tinman said...

I see no gain in feeding and housing the bastard.

The only part of the sentence I disagree with is that there appears to be three "0"s missing from the reparation amount - that (overall) $50,000,000.00 to be delivered to the NZ families before the bastard leaves NZ.

Anonymous said...

The real question. Is Judge Saunders judgement in this case and others he has presided over a manifestation of a hurried move from Otago to Canterbury some years ago?

Edward the Confessor said...

Is that the real question, weirdo anonymous stalker guy? How strange.

On the substantive issue, are there any sanctions ever that satisfy the savage lust for revenge and that lies within the hearts of all RWNJ's? Am thinking not. Except when it comes to the criminal behaviour of John Banks of course.

Anonymous said...

The left's flogging in the polls is starting to make Ed. mentally deranged. Suggest hemlock to put you out of your agony.

Edward the Confessor said...

You can talk, creepy stalker weirdo. Too retarded to even come up with a handle and here you are telling people to commit suicide. The intellect and class of the RWNJ on full display.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


That would have to be genetically modified hemlock.