Tuesday, July 8, 2014

So Education Is A major Policy Area for Team Red


Couldn't agree more!

Then again "trade school" in the case of the clusterf*&k running the NZLP  would be more than enough.
Their trade craft  this year has been amateur and woeful.

The arrogant and disconnected from Joe and Josephine attitude that led to the removal of the independent and now widely accepted, so very necessary, free analysis from a treasury oik, has seen blunder following blunder in having any semblance of reason and mathematically accurate component to each and every effort to put simple bribes in front of the voters.

Having accounted for every dollar in the infrastructure fund set up with the spoils from the partial sell down of shares in the energy companies, Parkliffe and Cunner are now asking Jo and Joe to accept spending it again and again on poorly thought out bribes that are either current govt policy or retreads of rejected and failed socialist brain farts from "once upon a time", "over the rainbow" and "they all lived happily ever after."

Recall the shilling and screeching about bribes when National, at their Conference announced as policy, scheduled , planned and budgeted for, infrastructure projects across the nation.
This last weekend we have seen Cunner and Parkliffe just making shit up that appeals to their lords and masters while Jo and Joe listen with complete ignore and fear in that they know full well who will pay.
The Union masters will pay for the publicity and the poor bloody taxpayers will pay for the costs of delivery.

A serious advantage is emerging from the increased aspirational policy mix from the current government is the much improved knowledge base of working New Zealand as to what the basis of taxchurn really means  as nearly every policy announcement from Dumb and Dumber, involves removal from the productive and distribution to the idle

Yes David, and all  the other Socialist Davids, you  sure are exhibiting a serious gulf in your education, while Jo and Joe are truly smart enough to see through your incompetent bumbling amateur efforts.

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