Thursday, July 24, 2014



Adolf Fiinkensein said...

That is VERY funny!!!!!

gravedodger said...

Quite small paloton measured against 21st century events, do we know who won that stage?
I think the tour was a slamdunk for von Manstein with Halder second and Guderian third. Many allegations around drug use and many questions around using trains for cheating.
A large girthed WW1 chap who had many drug rumors swirling around his participation, Goering, won king of the mountains amid much controversy as his claims of victory were widely discredited. Erwin Rommel won the sprints and enjoyed considerable success later in North Africa desert events, until a Brit Montgomery arrived on the scene and Rommel suffered a form slump.
Team manager, a guy from Austria, Schicklgruber I think his name was, had some early success but succumbed to heavy metal poisoning before the thousand year mark, made about 12 years from memory. He also allegedly had some semetic stains on and around his body and was very fortunate to be permitted such close association with the event as they could be quite debilitating requiring long periods in a sanatorium, and for many proving fatal. There was no cure for such stains.

On a totally unrelated matter I have "The White Mouse" on Mysky, what an amazing woman Nancy Wake was, who cares Aussie or Kiwi, formidable. Read Peter Fitzsimons book so wonder if the doco/film will be as gripping.

Anonymous said...

Doco on Nancy Wake was a disapointment to me.

Anonymous said...

GD - the peloton looks well lined up next to each other.