Sunday, July 20, 2014

ON MH 17

I don't propose to comment in any substantial way on the downing of MH 17.    It will come down to a standoff between the Ukrainian Government and Russia and the Russian backed rebel fighters in the Eastern Ukraine of the 'yes you did' ... 'no we didn't, you did' variety.    

What we do know is that the crash site is now completely contaminated and compromised to the point where, if the rebels were to blame, the evidence is probably long gone.   One would not expect too much from the CVR or the FDR (now apparently in Russian hands).   Of more interest would be the trace elements of any missile fragments/explosives found on the wreckage.      If they are found who is to say they have not been planted.

What interests me more is just why MH 17 was transiting a war zone where, just days previously, a Ukrainian Airforce SU 25 fighter and a AN 26 transport plane had been shot down.    We do know that a number of airlines including Air France, Lufthansa and Qantas had rerouted their aircraft away from eastern Ukrainian airspace so why not Malaysian Airlines?

It comes down to cost.   The rerouting is estimated to cost approx USD1,500 in additional fuel.    So now we know the worth of the 298 passengers and crew = $5.03.    Malaysian Airlines ought to be pilloried for putting dollars before airline safety.    One suspects they will be. 



JC said...

Cost yes, stupidity yes, but lets not forget that 75 passenger jets used the same route in the previous two days.. so there's plenty of stupid to spread around.


The Veteran said...

JC ... then Air France, Lufthansa and Qantas deserve further praise.

gravedodger said...

One of the telling bits to me and yes of course easily false, was the alleged arrival of a missile truck with four on the rails and the subsequent departure with two only remaining.
I agree about using the corridor and the height along with the paltry sum to avoid the area when put as a ticket share, however it is all academic now.

I am firmly in the camp that has the buck stopping at Vlad's desk but it wont happen.

Ps that looked a mean paddock of wheat where the plane ended up, what chance for compo.

Anonymous said...

The elephant in the room is the people who didn't identify what they were actually shooting at.

B Whitehead

gravedodger said...

Not an uncommon occurrence when tossers go shooting eh.
Vlad The Impaler II

Angry Tory said...

What do you expect when the Boy Wonder president moved the last two US Heavy divisions out of Europe in 2013?

Under Reagan, the Mighty Eighth would already have flattened a 10km perimeter on the Russia side of Ukrainian border, the Sixth Fleet would have cleared the Black Sea and occupied Sevastopol, there would still be a Seventh Army and it would be fighting to retake Donetsk.

What are the Dutch going to do? Run away as in Srebrenica? You think NATO will mobilise and hope to somehow square everything with Russia before it needs Russian LNG to stop its pensioners starving to death?

Get a grip. Putin's Cossaks can shoot down as many civilian planes as they like, and as long as they leave El Al alone there will be no consequences whatsoever.

The Veteran said...

Angry Tory ... please get a grip.

Your response to a serious post was to propose WW3.


Andrei said...

There is an awful rush to judgement here - unbelievable to behold.

And WW3 is well underway, we are all pawns in a game being played by the servants of Satan.

The war began when the BRICS nations who becoming the economic powerhouses of the world decided to move to payment systems outside the dollar around February 2013.

When this tragedy occurred the villain de jour MR Putin was in the air not far from the doomed plane in fact returning from Brazil where agreement on a new development bank was reached, a competitor to the IMF and a major threat to Western hegemony.

I'd not get too caught up in the hysteria if I were you in a few days it will be the 100th anniversary of an event in Sarajevo that ended up killing millions and destroying two empires - I fear we are in for a repeat and I have kids

Anonymous said...

Putin was NOT in the air at the time of the shoot down of MH17 according to RT (Russian news). More disinformation (like saying the re-routing was about saving money).

Andrei said...

Anonymous @7:32 PM you didn't read your link - it places Putins plane about thirty minutes behind the doomed plane as they crossed Poland, thus at the time of this disaster Putin would have been somewhere over Belarus I'd guess.

Not that it matters, the point being made was the shift of power that is underway from the West (declining) to the BRICS nations (rising)

And that at it heart is what all of this is about, an attempt to slow or prevent the rise of Russia and the other BRICS nations.

The Veteran said...

Anon ... I suspect you are right re Putin but you've lost me on your last bit.

According to my info the re-routing costs airlines approx USD1,500 in addn fuel costs per flight ... some airlines bit the bullet and did. Malaysia Airlines didn't.

paul scott said...

so dumb in the dung psycho

The Veteran said...

Malaysian Airlines is continuing to shoot itself in the foot if the report in today's Herald that they rerouted aircraft away from Ukranian airspace to overfly Syria is anywhere near true.

No matter that ICAO had cleared it ... perception is all important and right now I suspect the traveling public's perception of the airline is rapidly approaching sub zero.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I see Tony Abbott has come out strongly against Putin, with support from Shorten.

Be interesting to see whether he gets a bounce in the polls.

Andrei said...

I see Tony Abbott has come out strongly against Putin, with support from Shorten."

Proving he's a fool then Adolf

Mass murder is being committed against the citizens of the Dombas as we speak.

It is only a matter of time before the lunatics kill some of the investigation team to provide the excuse to bring NATO into position to attack Russia because what the crazies want is WW3

Anonymous said...

In reference to the video link posted above. It's in a foreign language & I have no idea what it's about, except that it's a 'shock/horror' movie, which I presume I am supposed to be disturbed by. (I'm not, genocide and/or war has been going on for thousands of years)
The reference to 'Dombas' is slang for something, a google search showed nothing.
Even if I accept that thousands are been massacred in the area, it's nothing compared to the actions of Stalin/Mao/ Hitler etc.
From what I can tell, there's a bunch of yobbo's in a far away country, who like to struct around with guns, who shot down a civilian plane. There are going to consequences, either directly or undirectly to them. If untolerable pressure mounts on Putin, he's likely to throw them under the bus.
At this point, they are hoping the whole thing will go away. It wont...

B. Whitehead