Thursday, July 3, 2014


A couple of observations.    I do wish the media would stop referring to Ismail as a diplomat.   He wasn't.    He was a Malaysian Army Warrant Officer employed in their Defence Attache's Office as a gofer.   Nothing more and nothing less.   Sure he was entitled to immunity under the Vienna Convention but diplomat he never was.

I do think heads should roll in MFAT.   Clearly there are rogue elements at work, perhaps the same rogue elements that drip feed confidential material to the Opposition.    It is intolerable that the Government's official position can be and clearly was undermined by officials who thought better.   It's a long time since I had any involvement with MFAT although I still have my red dip passport as a souvenir from those days.    But, for what it's worth, I can associate myself completely with the words of someone with clearly far more recent experience than I and posted on Kiwiblog .....

Akaroa (524 comments) says:

Ah! The gracious and elevated Ministry of Foreign Affairs! 

From military service and a three year appointment as a NZ Defence Attache in an overseas NZ Embassy, working daily with the grand MFA people, I remember them well!

A strange breed! I won’t descend to cheap-shots and say that many of them were so far up themselves they were out of sight, but you get my drift perhaps.

But to be fair, in my years of interaction with MFA in NZ and abroad I came across some diamonds – people who couldn’t do enough for their contacts.

But, to balance the picture, there were plenty of others who thought they were just too good and wordly-wise to be shackled by any down-to-earth Kiwi considerations and sailed on their lofty way looking down on the mere plebs who didn’t swan from overseas Embassy to overseas Embassy in course of the years they were graciously inclined to devote to NZ’s overseas interests. 

I’m not surprised by the recent evident ‘white-anting’ of the Government by some of the 'We know best’ merchants in MFA.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Time for some good old dieldrin to be sprayed around within MFAT. Kills off white ants real quick and also kills the new ones trying to get in.

These pricks have been undermining National for years, ever since the 'gone by lunchtime' debacle with Don Brash.