Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I see the Kriminal Kraut has been successful in having his extradition hearing delayed until February 2015.     Guess one can rightly ask where did the 'justice delayed is justice denied' bit figure in this?

Just goes to show what money can buy. 

Please tell me that Judge Phillipa Cunningham is not part of the process.

Suppose it's part of the price we pay for living in a 'free' society.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

All The more reason to Party Vote National.

Anonymous said...

All The more reason to Party Vote National. - Really? National are arse-creeping Obama who is arse-creeping Hollywood big money. I'd prefer a NZ not run by America and the UN.

No longer a Tory.

gravedodger said...

The "New Tory" party was disbanded in 1834 so even if a child was made a member then it was well gone by WW2.

So having established your complete ignorance of history we now are forced to account for your rather whacky view on intellectual property that apparently has no residual value to creators and thieving bastards such as Herr Schmitz can purlion and trade for enormous rewards.

So glad you cleared that up for us, now we can deal with a fugitive from justice attempting to hijack our rather stupid democratic electoral system, to avoid his appointment with The American Legal system.

Using your convoluted sense of how the law should operate we are in no doubt that so long as Schmitz is anti John Key and the National government and he continues to avoid extradition, the drinks are on you tonight.

Edward the Confessor said...

The Nats fell over themselves to let Dotcom in in the first place didn't they? The broke their own rules in order to do it. What was Jonathan Colman thinking, I wonder...

Redbaiter said...

You Key supporters just want KDC to surrender because that's all National has done for about fourty years.

He's fighting for his rights. Some people don't give up as easy as National.

And if this concept called IP is ever going to fly, its going to have do do so without the use of swat teams raiding family homes with Bushmaster carbines and helicopters, the presumption of guilt before innocence, the confiscation of property and bank accounts, and illegal search warrants and illegal spying.

I'm no partisan. I am a small govt Conservative and my judgment on this issue is not clouded by any political alliance with National or desperate regard for John Key.

Key's craven sucking up to the communist traitor Obama's FBI and his liberal Hollywood donors is behind this whole farcical situation. Its about time Nat supporters acknowledged this truth rather than trying to deflect from it by so frequently abusing KDC.

And it is notable that those attacking and denigrating KDC do so with the same vile invective that the losers at the Standard and Daily Blog attack Slater and Farrar.

National's capitulation to cultural Marxism has made all you Nat supporters just kissing cousins with your leftist/ Labour party counterparts.

You need to wake the hell up. There's no victory in a National Party win when they're led by Helen Clark with better teeth. There's no victory when you become the enemy.

And one other thing- Key and the Nationals treat Conservatives with contempt. Don't be surprised if you get some back.

Edward the Confessor said...

"without the use of swat teams raiding family homes with Bushmaster carbines"

Yeah coz Bushmasters are the preserve of nutbars like Redbaiter, when they feel the need for a shooting rampage. It's in the Constitution. Found Obama's birth certificate yet, Bedwetter?

The Veteran said...

Redbaiter ... well, if he is innocent then I would expect him to go to the States of his own free will and defend himself there.

Instead he is spending megabucks just to avoid that .... wonder why.

Your bleating about being a 'conservative' leave me cold. By your rhetoric you identify yourself as a paid up member of they looney tunes Right.

Said it b4 and I'll say it again, there ain't no diff between the extreme Right and and extreme Left of politics.

On the continuum of political thought and deed they are indistinguishable. Both are contemptuous of any opinion but theirs and act accordingly ... history records that when by quirk of circumstance they make it into power their jails quickly become become a home away from home for anyone bold enough to challenge them.

BTW ... it's forty, not fourty ... children's error.

Feel a bit better now.

Redbaiter said...

"Instead he is spending megabucks just to avoid that .... wonder why."

That is really just the stupidest of questions.

He's trying to avoid extradition to the US because he knows his chances of getting a fair trial under the corrupt Obama administration with its strong connections to Hollywood are practically zero.

Any person who knows they are going to face some kangaroo court in a foreign country riven by political corruption would resist as much as possible. Its only rational.

As for your constant claims that wanting small govt makes me "far right" that too is just self serving nonsense.

It is the more recent National and Labour parties who are full of and led by radicals. NZ had small govt since its inception until the 1970s when govt expanded massively and has never ever been shrunk back.

National is the party that just redefined traditional marriage that had stood the same for hundreds of years, as they marched to the tune of some dopey extreme left lesbian Labour Party MP.

Don't tell me I am radical. Its you Progressives in Labour and National doing all this stuff in govt that is really pissing people off. You are the radicals.

The Veteran said...

Yah Red ... whatever gets your rocks off. USA is evil and Obama runs it just like Kim Jong-un where the only question to the word jump is how high.

Ever read the US Constitution and do you actually understand the separation of the judiciary from the executive?

As for 'National redefined marriage' bit ... silly me, I thought it was a conscience vote matter. Clearly in your world matters of conscience are to be determined in the Party room with no deviation allowed from the Party line ... it may have escaped your notice but the Greens work the same way too.

Nah ... you identify better with Kim Jong-un ... he hates the USA and Obama too. You and he make great bedfellows.

Glad I was able to assist you with your spelling problems.

Redbaiter said...

"I thought it was a conscience vote matter."

That it was, and the Progressive John Key set the mood within National with his support for the idea.

The bill was passed under a National govt (led by John Key) and this will never be forgotten.

Just as if he is re-elected Key wants to lead the charge to change NZ's traditional flag.

Who are the radicals again? You couldn't think straight if you were jammed in a drain pipe.1742

Baxter said...

So the High Court only takes a fortnight to hear and decide on
whether to usurp the role of the Board of Trustees and their headmaster and lower the already low disciplinary standards of schools, yet takes years to decide whether to honour a longstanding extradition treaty with the USA who wish to extract an international German criminal. It smells corrupt to me, the same odour caused by his multi million dollar attempt to subvert our election system.

The Veteran said...

Redbaiter ... wouldn't know the meaning of a conscience vote if it stood up and bit him in the bum.

Serial tosser who can't spell let alone debate intelligently ... if you disagree with him you're a progressive/communist.

I said it thrice and I'll say it again ... when push comes to shove there is absolutely no diff between him and the North Korean dictator ... both are equally contemptuous of dissenting opinion.

Conservative he is not.