Sunday, July 27, 2014


The Colmar Brunton TV1 News poll released a few minutes ago on Q&A shows John Key up 1% to 48% as preferred PM while the 'nice' Mr Cunliffe drops 2% to just 8%.   That has to be devastating for Labour.

In politics perception can very quickly become reality.    Were the result to morph over and be reflected in the Party vote and you might well see the Greens at say 22%, Labour at 20%, Winston First at 6% and the Internet/Mana Party at 3% and get 'Wussel' and the 'Sheila' as Joint Prime Ministers.

More likely though Labour at 26% + Greens at 16% plus Winston first at 6% and Internet/Mana at 3% and Cunliffe as PM but held completely beholden and ransom to the Greens.

Scenario #1 is when you wake up in cold sweat.   Scenario #2 is my nightmare.  

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