Monday, July 28, 2014

More "WE Know Best" From a Melon!

Hot on the heels of an announcement that "the Melons will ban deepsea drilling" the increasingly desperate and manipulative communist from Queensland  now wishes to specify the path for a vessel navigating our coastal waters.

The totally false claim he will be in a position of sufficient power in any coalition option apparent in the current landscape when the only likely leading and therefore dominant party to promote his wet dream have come out with a policy of allowing DSD to happen under tighter controls, should have been instantly dismissed by the public and certainly the MSM as the grandstanding it was.

The matter of sealanes for coastal shipping in the light of the 'Rena' grounding was even more outrageous. and bizarre.
I am not a master mariner in fact I do not venture from harbour waters but I assume when a Ship Master plots a course between two points he will take account of hazards first then winds, currents, swells and time available just as a pilot of an aeroplane plots a course similarly only removing swells for turbulence and including  height.

So I guess what the dopey melon is trying to mine for relevance is the simple yet obvious fact that the 'Rena" should have been "forced" by legislation" to avoid the Astrolabe Reef.
Totally radical eh.

FFS melon Dr unable to negotiate Political Waters with sufficient displayed ability to convince more than around 12% of voters of such ability, how in the name of everything precious would your compulsory directive  under your stupid additional law have prevented the monumental stupidity and negligence that caused the grounding of the 'Rena'.
The driver in that sad and very expensive incident for many, was clearly not present, mentally or Physically or both, it was off course to reach Tauranga and all the legislation in the world would not have prevented that totally avoidable disaster.

I am surprised that in the afterglow of the recent documentary on the recovery mission to Erebus the dopy idjit is not calling for legislation banning aircraft from flying into mountains, then there is the simple but far more common behavior around vehicle drivers hitting Power poles surely we need a law prohibiting that.
Hello, hello is anyone home at the melon circus.

Ele @ homepaddock, gave us a delightful little tale under Saturday Smiles that warrants repeating;

A magician had a job on a cruise liner, entertaining the passengers with a nightly show. She was a very clever performer and there was always a full house at all her performances.
Life was sweet. The money was rolling in, she had one of the best cabins, ate the best food, mixed with the best people, until one day the captain bought a parrot.
The highlight of the parrot’s day was going along to see the magician in action in the evening. During the magician’s performances, the parrot would watch her very carefully during each trick, and immediately after the magician had completed the trick the parrot would call out in a loud squark, “It’s up her sleeve, it’s up her sleeve,” or, “It’s under her hat, it’s under her hat,” ruining the magician’s trick.
Well life was no longer as sweet and the magician started to struggle to satisfy the passengers. She naturally got very tired of the parrot and began to think of ways to thwart it.
Before she could put his plan into action, one night in the middle of the magician’s performances, the ship hit an iceberg and sank.
The magician managed to swim to a raft, climbed aboard and collapsed. The parrot flew towards the magician and perched on the edge of the raft and stared at her.
For a whole day the magician remained unconscious, and all this time the parrot kept its eyes on her. Eventually the magician started to stir, and looked up not really knowing where she was or what had happened.
She eventually found enough energy to sit up and then noticed the parrot, which had kept its eyes focussed on her all this time.
“Alright I give up …” chirped the parrot, “… what have you done with the ship?”

That was funny, the Head honcho male Melon is anything but, however a parrot he may well be.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It's a fantastic policy. Do away with ships' masters all together and then transport will cost less.

Put Fatty and Skinny an the bridge and watch them founder and sink.