Friday, July 25, 2014

Maybe Gerry Did Us A Favour

This lithe individual slipped through an exit door not available for Public use with two aids accompanying him, in breach of Airport Security.

He has gone through a charade of penance and The PM has accepted his wrongdoing with the sanctions he may face in place and refused his tendered resignation from his portfolios one of which relating to Civil aviation he has relinquished.

If security at that Airport was deficient then has Big Thick Gerry not done all who travel by air a service in that the security was far too easy to breach.

I mean, slipped through an exit door, rushing to catch a plane, hurrying through the airport, gimme a break. Has anyone making such bizarre comments actually seen BGB just get up in the house to raise a point of order?

One wag on talkback suggested Gerry could have been held hostage by the two aids, why would anyone do that???  Ransom at what value?? just getting rid of him before he wanted to eat would place such a scenario firmly in the "unbelievable" file.

All that said IMHO he has delivered in Hearts for Christchurch and Canterbury on the omni-shambles bequeathed by the over 10 000 seismic events that have been and still are causing serious problems for the people who remain here.


Andy said...

What Gerry really has done is to make it just a lot harder for the rest of us travelling domestically now.
All those little gods in their nice uniforms will make life hell for the everyday person from now on.

gravedodger said...

Fair point Andy then again it might bring some sanity to what is a farcical situation. The only incident on domestic air travel was the bint who boarded at Woodbourne on an eggbeater to CHC and her mental state deteriorated.
IMHO all domestic screening is a total crock, keep it for international sure as we have obligations.

Nick K said...

It's all lies. It's impossible for Brownlee to "slip" through any door.

Paulus said...

Understand that Senior Flight Crews sometimes use this way, and Helen Clark never used Domestic security in New Zealand.

Andy said...

Sanity went out the window th eday after 9/11.
The security industry is the fastest groing industry in the world, thanks to some insane people on both sides.
Sadly, sanity has left the stage a long time ago.

Edward the Confessor said...

"Understand that Senior Flight Crews sometimes use this way, and Helen Clark never used Domestic security in New Zealand..."

Understand that Paulus is a lying retard.

Brownlee put in a fake "resignation" and blustering mea culpa and hopes that will be the end of it. He's already figuring out how to throw an official under the bus. McCully would have done this by now, Coleman just did it himself. Once you take the Key flavoured cover off, this is the National Party, folks. Incompetent, arrogant and vicious.

gravedodger said...

You are entitled to your warped view of the world, backward, many commentators across the spectrum have seen the incident and subsequent fallout for what it was in the real world.
Could you perhaps guide the more inquisitive among us to where we might track your reactions to the more appalling efforts at acknowledging and dealing with similar incidents from those paragons who to a man/woman/third gender, perpetrated on the New Zealand public during the nine years of the previous administration, even just a few in say a representative sample.
In the interests of balance and all.

Edward the Confessor said...

OK well, John Banks broke the law several times, including breaching Civil Aviation regulations. David Garrett and Donna Awatere are criminals. Then there's Graham Capill and the other guy we all know. What is it with tories and the law?

gravedodger said...

What was it you claimed yesterday backward, about not answering questions.
Of course don't apply to stupid socialists eh.

Peters and donations, prima facie cases of art fraud, dropping a driver in the doodoo for speeding to get a vip to a footy game, Field, Dyson, Dalziel, Benson-Pope, David Parker, Darren Hughes, Trevor Mallard, Bill Lui, Chris Carter, Peter Doone, attempted fraudulent manipulation of electoral law, misappropriation of parliamentary services funding for electoral spend, taxi chits, golf clubs, lost luggage x ?, urinating in hotel corridors, pornography on parliamentary crdit cards, Hawkes Bay Health, West Coast ferals, extrication of non diplomatic person from embarrassing situation under diplomatic protection.

Nothing to see here move along??!!!

Edward the Confessor said...

I'm sorry, are we including innuendo and unfounded allegations as well as those convicted in a court of law? Agree about Doone, he was well dodgy. Peters is one of yours.

Under your new criteria we can add Hide, Douglas, Jennings, Coleman, Gilmore, Garrett (again, this time for sleaze), Connell, Worth, Wong, Heatley, Williamson, Collins, Joyce. Want me to go on?

gravedodger said...

Wash your freakin mouth out Backward, the pin striped dwarf, never in a gazillion years any where near my orbit
As for your list apart from Collins and Joyce and whatever you are inferring, the outcome was.

Now how long did Ms Clark cling to the rotting flesh of Field, oh that's right until he suggested he might run in South Auckland as an "Independent", for years actually, unfuckingforgivable.

Oh and how long in denial (not the Egyptian Creek), did Your beloved avoid Peters donation saga.
How unforgivably rude was Ms Clark when attending the opening of the Owen Glen Wing at Auckland uni.

Keep up the effort please the figures are good but always room for improvement.

Edward the Confessor said...

Peters propped up the Bolger government and is an ex-National Party MP and Minister. He's yours, in all his corrupt glory.

Key has kept the rotting corpses of McCully and Collins (and now Brownlee) on life-support for God knows what reason. Before that he kept defending Banks and kept him on as a Minister. They all have something on him probably. And remember how Shipley used to visit Alamien Kopu for weekly cuddles? So bereft of principles you tories.

gravedodger said...

And the answers to the questions did not appear could you repost them Backward as I am absolutely sure a good citizen such as yourself will have given it their very best shot.
Only a complete idjit would evade such a reasonable position and respond

Edward the Confessor said...

Answers to what Gravetodger? You attempted, feebly, to answer your own question and then got totally served. Anyway, I suspect Gerry's toast. Couldn't happen to a nicer bloke (except maybe Judith Collins).

gravedodger said...

So fucking thick not to notice Ms Collins is a blokess and too fucking thick to notice the questions in the 9 08 and the 10 56 comments.

Edward the Confessor said...

Poor Gravetodger, so fucking thick as to not recognise a piss take. Collins may or may not be a blokess, I'll take your word for it, but I've seen no evidence either way. And as I said, you attempted, feebly, to answer your own questions, and I'm not answering questions about Peters, he's one of yours.

Here's a question for you; should Gerry resign? His sins were worse in the eyes of the law that Wong's, Worth's and Gilmore's. Why is Key defending him?