Thursday, July 31, 2014

John 1:1

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

As the pin striped clothed dwarf that has been a part of NZ Politics for over 35 years approaches the proposed retirement age in Australia, commenters are guessing what will eventuate in his wake.

Shane Jones is the only credible option I have heard with a snowballs chance in the warmed globe we inhabit.

Forget Piddling Williams, Dennis O'Corner section with two letter boxes, Barbara Stewart wrong spelling for her restoration or any of the other army of shooting stars that have sped across the Winston First Firmament, each and everyone a nonentity.

Today, yet another suggestion, Ron Mark, at present making do with the Carterton District mayoralty trough, at one time occupied  by Georgina Beyer then vacated as it made the misstep up to Wellywood, and who is itself making a comeback move in search of Resurrection with the Hadfield megabomb, as challenger to HRH Rino Tirikatene of Ngai Tahu royalty, in Te Tai Tonga.

Ron Mark has a following as a soldier, politician and trougher, albeit with supportive genetics but the one glaring omission in all this is continuing to call The Dwarfs party New Zealand First.
Bollocks it is, Greypower, the political wing,  led by its founder  and merely a personality cult that should have been  named after that founder 21 years ago.

How often is Jim Jones' Cult that perished in a bucket of Cool Aid in the South American jungles in Guyana,  c1973, called the "Peoples Temple Agricultural Project".
Bet you didn't even recognise that name but had I said "Jonestown",  "Coolaid"  or maybe "Jim Jones" , many would have immediately connected to that bunch of deluded souls who died from Cyanide poison after the great sicko  told them to drink it. 
Jimmy, now he didn't relish the coolaid, he was not so sure, he, like another megalomaniac some 30 years earlier, used a handgun to mangle his brain.

When Peters eventually shuffles off stage, his vehicle will wither as;

The word was 'Winston'.

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