Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It Will Never Be "FREE" Dam It!!

While driving North on Monday I was enduring Danny Watson.

Now I accept Politicians have scant regard for discussing the world we the peasants live in and use inane buzzwords, spin and obfuscation in promulgating their messages on policy and in the case of Government the resulting actions.

There is absolutely no excuse for Op-Ed people such as Watson to just repeat that totally false garbage for hours on end as fact. He and his other opinionated "D"  listers should challenge, examine and where appropriate pick such banal rubbish apart to a point of total demolition if necessary.
There is plenty of dead air time with news bulletins and adbreaks for a bit of research.

What had me reaching for the off button was Watson's mindless repetition and continual requesting listeners to comment on Turei's policy announcement on lowering the age of entitlement for "TAXPAYER FUNDED" preschool education to two years of age at a cost of $30 000 000 to the Hydra Government. Never once did he challenge the announced "Free" bribe apart from occasionally mentioning the sartorially splendid jade adorned one admitting, apparently, she did not have any idea where the funding was to be found.

Some of the matters Watson could have explored:

It is often claimed that the existing three year old target is often a mirage and some wait over a year for a place to become available ie their child is nearer or more than four years old.

It will not just be the charade of 'Free at Two' to be paid for, Buildings, training for additional staff, access, and a mountain of extra facilities necessary to cope with the entirely different animal that is the two yo as opposed to the present three and more often than not in reality, four yo.

Never once did he attempt to differentiate the claimed "Free" from the absolutely factual taxpayer fully subsidised cost of the bribe to be funded by older Taxpayers who had already paid the full costs of their spawn, those who cannot or choose not to, have children, and the responsible young not yet blessed with children to care for.

It was not Free, it would cost well in excess of thirty million and more than likely would not be a reality until the ex anarchist has long left the parliament if ever, and that is completely ignoring the true situation around her desperate bribe never being launched let alone finalised because of the chaotic policy dilution and modification that the wonderful MMP delivers to the electorate.
Minor parties can offer outrageous bribes in the knowledge that implementation and being held to account will never happen.

Much of the over two hours should have been required to carry all the legal obligations that apply to 'Party Political Adverts'.
That said Danny, you did an admirable job for the Melons, they should be eternally grateful.

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