Saturday, July 26, 2014

It Will Happen So believe It.

Another major procedural step in solving the superating sore that is safe practical and affordable access between Northland and Auckland.

And the greens and their great red hope for the treasury benches are squealing like stuck pigs while  promoting clinically stupid alternatives. A notable exception being the one among their number with the political nous and the common sense on the issues involved, both commercial and social, Kelvin Davis, NZLP candidate for Te Tai Tokerau

Rail freight is monumentally inadequate and inefficient in most cases for heavy freight movement and in the case here will require eyewatering money to bring it up to viability
SH 1 Warkworth to Puhoi is manifestly inadequate and dangerous at much of the time during work times and dangerous and congested during holiday times.
Claims that a fourlane Highway will be redundant when completed are equally out of touch, in the same basket as AGW disaster, Peakoil and every other brain fart the terminally stupid offer as voter bait.
The commercial and social connections between the winterless North and the largest NZ metro center will grow massively and only bureaucratic interventions will slow it.
Nothing will stop it.

Forget Rail, for an alternative to road transport, think coastal shipping so long as union exploitation of its involvement is constrained.

Believe it, it's happening, good one Kelvin Davis, give Hadfield his beans as you go.


Anonymous said...

Great to see the "Holiday Highway" get the go-ahead!

Heck, that phrase by Labour which is supposed to deride the road will continue to haunt them up that way for decades. People will always remember Labour and their rants against the "Holiday Highway".

Marc said...

Kelvin Davis would have a better chance of being the Northern Maori MP if he changed sides to National - even at this late stage. Even if he gets in ahead of Hone, he risks becoming just another Damian O'Connor - fodder for the good of the Party.

He has more going for him than that.

f dx said...

If Northland had to fend for itself, it would suffer miserably. With high unemployment and a large Maori population it is largely beholden to the tourism industry which it does its best to undermine with criminal actions against tourists and domestic visitors alike.
Until Northland becomes more productive and starts paying its own way I believe the RONs money would be better spent relieving the traffic congestion in Auckland which largely subsidises the rest of the country with its massive tax revenues.

The Veteran said...

f dx ... Northland needs to unlock its economic potential if it is to progress and the bypass will help do just that. Not the complete answer but one piece of the jigsaw that needs to fall into place.

The arrogance that Labour politicians (and clearly some Jaffas also) show the North is breathtaking. They will reap what they sow.

But putting that aside I fear that, notwithstanding his support for the economic highway, Kelvin Davis could well be thrown under a bus by his leader stitching up a deal with Hone. That possibility is canvassed in the NBR this morning. Makes sense if you take a big picture view. You sacrifice one of your own in order to get three on the basis that Labour 29% + the Greens 14%+ Winston First 5% and Mana/Internet at 3% and Cunliffe is PM.

And if election signage is anything to go by its all over rover. Drove up to Kaitaia yesterday for a meeting of Vietnam veterans. Heaps of National signs; one solitary (half size Labour sign promoting their candidate for Northland); a couple of signs promoting a strange Party, Focus NZL (whose founder believes the Reserve Bank is foreign owned and that is the root of all evils); any number of Hone signs the further you go north (all complete with the parliamentary logo), but of Kelvin Davis, zip zero nothing, nothing at all.