Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It Was All Her Fault.


The Courts have lifted the stupid wide ranging supression orders around the 'Diplomat' who stalked a young lady, followed her to her home, entered it and attempted to force unwanted advances on her and refused to leave when asked.

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail holding the rank of Warrant Officer, 34 years old, the only glaring omissions so far he was not said to be drunk and no mention of rugby union or league.

He was a Malaysian High Commission drone able to use the Vienna conventions to escape justice in the jurisdiction where  the alleged crimes were committed.

Under Sharia law back in Malaysia he will be blameless as the woman would have dressed in a flaunting, faithless way to inflame the poor wretch, exposing her legs and bodyshape including provocative breasts and hips and it is most likely with her head uncovered leading the vulnerable,  probable enthusiastic follower of Islam at 34 being driven to the extreme behavior alleged.

It is all down to that bloody woman she should be given a good hiding, that is probably all the good follower of the religion of peace wished to dish out.

Shame on every New Zealander involved in bowing their collective knee to the  stoneage teachings of a paedophile, so called prophet.

Unable to move their philosophical utterances any where in nearly 2000 years to incorporate human progress they would have stoned that woman for inciting the attempted attack.

He will be subject to Malaysian law and Military justice, my arse, he will have enough brownie points for his life in paradise, it was that lascivious harlot who is to blame, Allah knows all things aint that a fact.

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Anonymous said...

Western women are viewed as 'uncovered meat' by these savages and as such are fair game.

But who are we to criticize another culture/ideology. After all in our politically correct world, all cultures are equal.

Mrs Danvers