Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It Is One Of Hundreds.

It is nothing special.

Now some local citizens with varying proportions of Maori Blood are clamoring to have the remains of "The Rena" removed from the reef off Tauranga where it ran aground.

Many ships with unmentionable contents in the manifest litteraly litter the shoreline and seabed of our Island nation.

Then there are the thousands and thousands of tons of detritus from WW2 throughout the Pacific slowly returning to nature as normality returns.

The big difference here is a race based adherence to a treaty from nearly 200 years ago and the allied fact that all the motivations and diplomatic necessity of that parchment  rather uniquely emerging in two languages one which had no history as a written record, and with what is now two very different judicial interpretations and financial rewards.

Why dont  the partbreeds seeking money and recognition just come out with a proposed amount of money that might assuage their affront at a rusting wreck decaying on the reef that belongs to every NZ citizen.
Rembering it is the first of a long list of wrecks to be suddenly the subject of a TOW claim.

Or better still maybe someone should tell the tossers to involve them selves  in recreational sex and travel letting nature deal to it as it has so successfully dealt to all the others.

That unfortunate incident is like all the others almost bereft of downstream effects to anything other than a small visual reminder as to what happens when things go awry at sea.


Anonymous said...

Sorry old son. I won't have my blog highjacked into a forum for kicking Maori. Go somewhere else. - The Gravedodger

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that comment is from The Veteran, of course

Paulus said...

I live in Tauranga - we all know that the complainants only want money as usual - they have already been "gifted" considerable sums for under a hundred people.
But they don't want you to know that.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

" ... why don't you go the whole way and advocate a 'final solution' for Maoridom. That would solve your problem ... sad, but those of your ilk "

The Veteran