Thursday, July 31, 2014

It Is Blindingly Obvious But We will Ignore It

  Of course, to a socialist with zero contact with, or even learned  understanding of, business basics, totally believable.

Every job has a true value and in the absence of government direction that is what the owner/creator of that job and its value, dictates as the outcome.

Running say Telecom, as CEO, has an international value that will seem eyewatering and entirely unjustified to the average Joe Voter, yet to get a suitable person for the complex task, the jobs true worth must be met or disaster will surely follow. Even after due dilligence and selection occurs it can still end in tears as the person so chosen can turn out a complete dog for many valid reasons.

Standing on a road under repair with a stop go sign, similarly has a value but because it can be replaced with technology and hardware, the value of a lollypop person has a clear economic base value, hence the increasing use of traffic lights with the associated inefficiency from regimentation and loss of reaction to circumstances while the equipment reacts to timing or a trigger.
Something a lollypop can over ride by radio, with his person at the other side, that this vehicle can proceed.
Similarly the flipping of a burger and associated construction of meat in the bun can be done with a machine, the cost being predictable, measurable and should a robot be better for the bottom line another job evaporates.

If it were otherwise why not just legislate for the minimum wage to be $50 an hour and we can all be rich and satisfied,
 as if,
yeah right.

To a dumbarse poly seeking an image of benefactor, it is so simple but the immediate loss of starter entry level work opportunities disappearing, it is an unfortunate truth so it is ignored, and for the  polly entirely deniable and able to be ignored

The government has suggested that Mr c's promise to raise the minimum wage by $2.00 will immediately destroy 6000 jobs, to him it just doesn't  matter. and that is sad.
Then, Mr c wont suffer as another 6000 find welfare as the next option while he enjoys a recompense for his dribbling that the market, totally screwed by legislation, over values his  worth without regard to economic reality.
The current occupant of the office of leader of her Majesty's Loyal Opposition is worth around the same as a Lollypop person., ie stop, go and don't ask why.
In fact his efforts could well be replaced by a programmed robot at considerable savings with the advantage of consistency in responses and message.
Then there is Little Andy, he is a robot.

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The Veteran said...

GD ... why don't they just go the whole hog and cure 'poverty' (however defined) completely and for ever by raising the minimum wage to say $50 per hour.

The Greens are onto that with their policy of Quantitative Easing (for the uninitiated = printing more money).

Sooooo simple. You can print your way to prosperity. Just ask Mr Douglas and that dwindling band of Social Credit true believers ... don't mention it in Zimbabwe though.

And the Greens won't be the tail on the dog this time round ... everything from the forepaws back.