Friday, July 11, 2014

Is It Just Me Confused?


A low level staff member of the military attache's office at The Malaysian Embassy allegedly commits a home invasion attempted rape.
Claims diplomatic immunity and we allow him to return home.

This follower of a desert cult that's founder according to their bible married a six year old girl and "took her into his Home (tent) at nine years old which is islamospeak for consummating that marriage.
He, the non commissioned officer, also in his knowledge of his religion believes a man who is incensed to passionate desire by a "half naked woman" can follow his desire and it is her fault.

Now we have a re ignition of the total bullshit propaganda meme that all New Zealand men are rapists, most of whom havn't yet been caught, by the feminazi inspired rent a mob for their deserved lynching.

Tarns can I suggest your very  first call was to the police and your very last call was to the idiot Logie and subsequent pimping by the Media.

We are led to believe there is a denigrating domination subjugation culture towards women within the NZ gang culture. eg "blocking"
I believe there is a very minor residual chauvinistic attitude of women as chattels held by a few men.
That leaves a gulf of credibility around the existence of a rape culture among all NZ men.

As promulgated elsewhere, Rape  used to be entirely restricted to sexual intercourse by force against the wishes and/or desire of one party but has now progressed to include a sexual advance without consent with all the opportunity for a mind change in the morning and totally false accusations exponentially increased.

Talk about a bushfire started by a lightening strike!


Psycho Milt said...

Tarns can I suggest your very first call was to the police and your very last call was to the idiot Logie and subsequent pimping by the Media.

Her first call was to the Police, which is why the alleged perp found himself standing in the dock the day after. What is confusing about that?

As to the rest of that sentence, you're ridiculing someone who's quite possibly the victim of a crime, on the basis that they've bad-mouthed your favourite political types for making cunts of themselves in the way they dealt with this. That's pretty low.

Anonymous said...

fuck you are a stupid socialist
cunt physco

Edward the Confessor said...

ROFL, yeah "physco", you sure are stoopid.

And Gravetodger, no, your anonymous chum is also confused. That says more about you guys than the matter at hand though. The right is set to full-power vicious on this issue. It's demonstrating nicely for normal people just how nasty you all are.