Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How Much Egg.......

....on the face does it take for the appalling Herald to admit it has been conned?

A glance at it's online political news page sees three pro DotKrim stories while only yesterday the story pushed by the Herald  for months that Jonathon Coleman overrode officials and approved the Kraut's residency application was thoroughly debunked by same officials.  Coleman knew nothing of it until after the officials had made the decision.

From Fairfax:-
But in an exclusive interview, Immigration chief executive Nigel Bickle said that from Immigration’s point of view he had seen no evidence of that and it was Dotcom’s advisers who had called for a fast decision in his case.....................Bickle said then-immigration minister Jonathan Coleman had not been involved in the decision to grant Dotcom permanent residency, and the call was made by an official.
The good old Herald brazenly plows on with one headline asserting DotKrim will drop a bomb on John Key five days out from the election.  Well that's the first guarantee it will be a pack of lies.  Not enough time to fact check him until the damage is done on voting day.

And yet another DotKrim story has the Phat Phraudster doing a complete back-flip and demanding to know why Minister Coleman did not block his application.   Maybe it was because it was not referred to him at any stage by officials.  How long ago was the Herald running the story that John Key and Hollywood conspired to get him into NZ so that he would be easy to extradite?

I think this paper is being edited by Herr Goebbels.

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Paulus said...

Newspapers only have one role - sell, sell, sell.
Damn the truth - it is not relevant.