Thursday, July 24, 2014


I see Mr Brownlie has been a tad naughty caught skipping airport security at Christchurch ... silly boy.   But hardly a hanging offense and the PM was right in not accepting his resignation.    See too that Chester Burrows was clocked at 11k over the speed limit just outside Patea .... put his hand up and copped the fine.  There but for the grace of God go all of us (some more times than others). 

But I again reiterate my concern that security checks when travelling domestically within NZL are a farce and an expensive farce at that (yes, I know they are imposed by international agreement) but that doesn't stop them being a farce.    Take Auckland Domestic Airport ... at one end of the building and travelling on a main trunk route you get the full Monty.   At the other end and for passengers on regional services you walk through unchallenged.     

Reminds me that the only time (that I am aware of) where a passenger has attacked a pilot was on a regional link service out of Woodbourne ... where there is no security ... sigh.

Pay your $200 (or whatever) fine Mr Brownlie and learn.    


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