Thursday, July 17, 2014

Gee Suzy, Might Need to tighten that up a Bit.

Fill in for Hosking gabbling as usual, dropped a little boomer this morning.

Susan Wood raving about Sticky Buns she encountered in Arrowtown recently, directed listeners to where they could find them.
"The Cafe is right there on the LEFT"

Now Atown is not large and the CBD" has one street occupied on one side and a second occupied on both so on the left was not all that helpful.
Was it a Freudian slip that quality is to the left or was she just being her usual self, Blonde.


Anonymous said...

It couldn't have been worse than the blond muppet, Janika Ter Ellen, on Henry the other night opining about Rogernomics being a bad thing.

She seems to have missed the point that the fact she even has a job is down to Rogernomics.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


They are but children elevated far beyond their years.